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Bonser , who wants him gone , and who thinks he should stay


Why can’t bonser take that gamble NOW .He has made his money out of the club over the last 30 years or so. He is supposedly a Walsall supporter , he’s getting on in years now , just have a go throw 3million out there of your own money for players and wages. ( not lend it to the club).sit back and enjoy the the rollercoaster ride . How exciting that would be :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:.( you only live once Jeff) Go to the grave a Walsall legend . The man who started our upturn in fortunes in 2019.


And it wouldn’t actually be his own money after all …:wink:


Or simply reduce the rent by £400k pa and declare all transfers. Small gesture, big return in legacy reputation etc… and his family still have the asset when he corks it.


Not gonna happen though


Think you’ve missed the point tinned was making Sid.

You seem to think that Bonser pegging it would make things change and there’d be no investment.
There is no investment now. The club ticks over and pays out £400k a year to the Bonser brothers.

When they’ve gone the likely outcome is their kids will inherit everything and the only change will be the names on the pension fund.

As the Who song blaring out before every home game says “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”


Gavin77, probably because Bonser is one of those “supporters” that claims to be a big fan… but barely ever turns up to games!


Well, its good of you to tell me what Tinned really meant Steve,but knowing Tinned,he won’t be too shy in coming forward to tell me just what he meant in his own words…:smile:


Lets face it Steve wouldn’t you be the number one fan if you were making as much money from the club as him .

The reason he doesn’t go is because he’s getting stick from the people who know what he’s doing …


All we have to do is find that person then. If the club is priced at 5 million then you are looking for a businessman who is effectively worth 30 million. To buy a business a sixth of his wealth and be able to invest money in the team and the stadium. Is there a fan out there with this money, the problem being if there isn’t then as a pure business its hard to see with the infrastructure of the club how any businessman would recoup or make money. That’s the reality.


With the rest of the midland being owned by the Chinese, they must want to make it a full house !


ask him …


Pity they couldn’t … if you look at the custard bowlers :roll_eyes:


100% want him gone. Been going for 20 odd years and im tired of our small mentality. Theres a reason people call us smalsall. I really dont care where we finish in this league becuase of our lack of the off the pitch ambition. Wouldnt it be great to support a team that has the simple plan of improving year on year. 11th this year, 6th next, promotion, becoming a L1/ Championship yoyo club, then establish ourselves as a championship team. Its not that hard.

He needs to go. Hes a terrible leader and his top level staff are also bad.

Like i said on FB, what realistic actions can we actually take instead of moaning and bringing up this topic everytime we go on a bad run?

  1. Stop going altogether?
  2. Go but dont buy anything
  3. Protest
  4. Agitate the club by negative marketing - ie Blackpool and Charlton style
  5. Take our support elsewhere… maybe a Rushall Olympic (i hate even writing that one)


I know exactly how you feel , and i’m sure 99% of fans on here feel the same .

I think we all hate the custard bowlers for how successful they have been , and how they have become again , after going through probably worse times than us when you look back , but someone has come in and backed them financially , and now look …why can’t we be like that :pray:


Im surprised Mike Ashley hasn’t thrown his hat in the ring before now. Maybe he will if he sells the Newcybrowners.

He was actually born in Walsall so would make sense

Being oissed and spewing up in the fireplace of the Fullbrook before the game would not be that out of place

Be good advertising for the Sports Direct Stadium from the M6


I was about to say we don’t want that ■■■■ , but then again we have another ■■■■ any way …


He’ll be gone at some point, one way or another and sooner rather than later. So what’s more important is how the set-up at Walsall functions after that. Will we forever be ensconced in paying rent to a nameless hedge fund, resulting in a ‘sustainable’ yet limited future , or will there be a new owner and direction?


Get him gone and lets see what happens. I’d rather have a football club that tries and maybe does fail sometimes. But at least the football will come first along with us supporters rather than the stagnation we have now where the football is just a Saturday inconvenience when they could be having some event on instead. I’d take non-league over that.


I get the frustration but to get Bonser gone we have to find a buyer. Mike Ashley is the best shout I’ve heard so far


At least the club shop would have stuff in it I suppose.