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Bonser , who wants him gone , and who thinks he should stay


Mike Ashley? He has no links with Walsall at all,why would he want to buy the club.I can’t see the Toon army letting him go…they love him to bits…:smile::smile::smile::roll_eyes:


Born in Walsall.


Born in Burnham Cheshire.


Wikipedia says Walsall, so does this bbc article from last month:

Mike Ashley: The saviour of the High Street? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35863847


On the one I saw it said Burnham Cheshire…but whatever it is he won’t be interested in Walsall…His ego is too big.


Agreed, and I don’t want him here anyway.


There are a few Burnhams … Burnham-on-Sea (Somerset), Burnham Beeches (London), Burnham (Bucks) and Burnham (Essex) … can’t find one in Cheshire though!! :wink:


That’s what it said when I searched on bing…then when I clicked on the website it said Walsall.


Lets face it we don’t want the one we’ve got , if Mike or someone , or anyone for that matter would come in and spend the money to make this club of ours ambitious and a damn sight more successful than the one we’ve got already i really wouldn’t give a ■■■■ who it was … would you ?


Mike Ashley gates a very rough ride up here, some justified, but also some unjustified in my view. If he hadn’t managed the club’s financial position the way he did it could well have done a Leeds/Portsmouth/Sunderland etc. Yes he’s got his transfer policy wrong, and has made some horrendous appointments. However, the main reason Newcastle continue to get full-houses despite some very patchy varying to dire home performances, is that he has made the match-day affordable and accessible to everyone, in particular young supporters. Something which he never gets credit for. My son’s season ticket costs £4.15 a month on an interest free direct debit, an 8 year price freeze, taking him to adulthood, and is for a fantastic seat. When they got relegated as an apology all season ticket-holders on the 8 year deal got a price reduction for the season, despite there being 5 more games to attend. £10 and £5 for this weekend’s cup game for all areas of ground including the sports bars etc. That would have been more like £75 and £35 under Shepherd. This sort of stuff never makes the press, but in the “careful what you wish for stakes”, and having an interest in both, I’m much more cautionary about Ashley than Bonser. No point having some billionaire pulling out the big signings if you can’t afford to go, as was the case under the last regime, and is the case for most of the London clubs.

Would welcome him, or someone like him with open arms at Walsall, as we’re the size of club where he could make a big difference. the top end spenders in the Prem are even beyond the likes of Ashley.


Audrey Roberts from Coronation Street was born in Walsall, she has business acumen as she owns a Hairdressers I wonder if she would be interested in buying us?


I think anyone who come with a modicum of ambition would be welcomed with open arms. Hypothetically speaking with the right investment we could establish ourselves mid table in the Championship, but then would fans be claiming lack of ambition if we failed to challenge for the play offs !


If that was to happen @zaddler that would be what we’re all after isn’t it , and to your question is that not ambition in itself …progress instead of this useless existance we are


We need the Swamp Draining.


sorry thats gone right over my head :thinking:


Ashley talks like a Southener so imagine it’s one of these cases where he was born and then moved down at 1-2 years old.

And I’d say with him it would be out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Given way football is going the next proper owner after Bonser whenever that is will likely be foreign investor/consortium. Pot luck who you end up with.


I’d rather Mike Ashley than a random foreign investor that doesn’t get English football, especially lower league English football.

Thought @geordiesaddler’s post was excellent about his good and bad points. He has shown how to tempt the next generation to support the club and that is what we need if we want to survive at this level no matter who comes in and takes over from Bonser.


been reading this with interest he obviously needs to go but how? he has the club by the short and curlies and has done for years.as soon as any unrest starts he throws a few crumbs by sacking a manager or a signing to shut people up and it works he has been doing it since the 90s when we signed a certain Mr Oconnor after a very nasty protest against him which resulted in windows being smashed and security staff being attacked.

Protest at Bolton

A guy I met on holiday about 10 years ago lived in willenhall most of his life, so his son was born in Walsall, but they moved to Scotland when he was about 2, he is now in his 40’s and you should listen to the rant you get from him if you point out he is actually English :face_with_head_bandage:. :joy:


I think what would be useful is a concise ‘10 points on why we want Bonser out’ (or something better sounding) as a nice PDF image, using the same style font and design as that nice Luton, Rotherham, Bournemouth poster I saw on here recently.

Something that is written in a way that is accessible to anyone, communicates why fans have been upset, and is to the point.

This can then be shared by message, posted on here, Facebook, Twitter and shared with social media, newspapers, etc.