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Bonser , who wants him gone , and who thinks he should stay


If only we had an owner like this:


Bloody hell Fish, I’ve read some pollocks on here…


Fish will be right at home in the toilets with the state they are in!


Another thread descends into silly jokes diluting all the excellent points made!

Bravo UTS!


Not really, nothing wrong with having a little bit of light hearted banter along the way. :wink:


Or alternatively has ascended the summit of Mount Pun, briefly sprinkling a thin dusting of harmless joy into the lives of posters separated by boundless oceans of physical and existential reality.

The excellent points remain unharmed and unmolested, ready to be revisited and rekindled when it pleases the capricious will of the general multitude to do so.



From past experience of this wonderful site, usually the hilarious word association rumbles on for a couple of pages before the thread dies, with all the relevant posts buried 2 pages back.

But yeah, hilarious stuff.


‘Joy into the lives of people’ Really?!


If the general and assorted mass of posters feel the desire to express their creativity in a raft of mildly amusing puns and assorted quips, who is any one poster to bellyache about the thread being derailed, when the thread has progressed as posters have determined?

It is what it is.


I am also free to post my opinion. So I have.

Who are you to belittle my opinion?

It is what it is.


Why not?
Hardly the end of days.


You’re moaning about the thread input, not me. I’m offering an alternative view.
Hardly belittling your opinion.


Oh well this little back and forth has killed the jokes anyway, so any endless joy I was getting is gut-wrenchingly over.

Bonser out.


I’m sure they’ll be back soon enough, or not. Who cares? It’s a football website, not an emergency meeting of the UN security council.



Because it’s puerile, infantile and detracts away from the actual debate and discussion of Walsall FC which is what the ‘All about Walsall’ section is for.


Fixed that for you.


That’s an unnnecessary edit - of course, anything I say is implicitly my opinion.


You accidentally wrote it as a statement of fact, just pointing out it isn’t. It’s your opinion.

Having said that, I’m quite willing to scale down these puns and prevent them from lampreying on the rest of the thread. It’s infantile and puerile and I’ve scad enough.


In that case, shouldn’t every post start with ‘in my opinion’?
For example: ‘In my opinion, Bonser should sell up’
‘In my opinion, we need a new winger’
‘In my opinion, there referee was poor today’

Also, it is indeed a fact, that the ‘All about Walsall’ section is indeed about WFC, not silly word play.


Not reelly, but as it’s now clear it’s your opinion and not some over-arching truth, I’ll let you orfe.