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Bonser , who wants him gone , and who thinks he should stay




The whole idea of this site was i thought for all who care about Walsall Football Club to come together and express our opinions , and our beliefs , and yes if people want to try and add a little humour whats the harm in that ?

I know every one’s not the same , and some will find different things amusing , but i for one would rather read others peoples humour than as on other threads people having real goes at each other to the extent that it gets quite personal , and in my opion below the belt .

But as i said people aren’t all the same so i just leave them to get on with it without making any remarks myself.

Yes i am deadly serious about the Club that i have supported since i was at school , and find everything on here of interest in differing scales of importance .
I would much rather have a little light hearted banter than people slagging each other off on here

Live and let live , if like me you don’t agree with something just read it and move on rather than cause an angry debate.


The harm is entire threads containing ‘our opinions and our beliefs on Walsall Football Club’ are hijacked and derailed by people regurgitating the same puns and jokes. My problem with that is this area of the forum is specifically about WFC - not ■■■■■■■ fish puns. You say to just ‘move on and don’t read it’ - in reality, people just stop reading threads once 6 or 7 people keep making the same ‘joke’. Perhaps a puns thread could be started.


Cod some people get wound up.


I seem to remember another game where the Stadium Suite had been booked for a conference (think it was a midweek game) so although the middle and upper was open, you could only access the kiosks and toilets either side but not the Suite itself. :roll_eyes:


Maybe you should stop now , eel not see the funny side


Well we have certainly been battered today :relieved:


Bonser Out now


Sums it up.


Swear at some point this season (maybe midweek) there was something on in the middle. We could hear the beat in the lower. Possibly our league cup game as not many people were there!


Am i right in thinking that the majority of posters want rid of our Chairman ?

There has been one or two on here fearing the worst if he was to go but the overwhelming response seems to me is that the majority want change and change now .

Don’t think fans are willing to take this ticking over of the club anymore , and are willing to take a chance on a new venture with who ever


Nothing wrong with a few puns, we can FISH OUT the important posts later


Did the scales fall from your eyes on Saturday Fish? :wink:


I personally think that attacking Bonser, again, may induce a response from the guy, whereby the ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario rears it’s head again.
We all know uncle Jeff only too well, and, as we are heading for a period of so called ‘easy’ games, two of whom are back on form (again just in time for us to play them) should we not get a number of decent results, and dive deeper towards the zone, Bonser will respond by sacking Deano, then employing another cheap Dysmal type to cement our relegation.
Just an opinion based on our history with the leech in charge.


That’s why I propose a huge turnout at Coventry and Burton Away. Reasons:

• doesn’t give Bonse any cash
• supports the team
• local Away games
• hurts Bonse by big crowd away
• no threat of a ban
• attracts stay aways
• gets media talking
• gives us time to get organised and rally support

200 Cyprus flags all game and 500 rent books thrown on the pitch.



In many of the most recent posts there is the issue of people responding to bad results/shoddy defensive displays. One of the underlying pillars we all seemed to agree with is that ‘Bonser out, no matter the results’. We should all be mindful to keep these issues separate (although I appreciate that they are, in reality, intertwined).


If you eventually get Bonser to give up and sell, who do you think has the readies to buy him out?


If you decide to put your house up for sale, who do you think will buy it?


Hopefully, my feelings of antipathy towards Uncle Jeff are long established.
However, it isn’t appropriate to seperate football from business whether it’s the chairman or the fans.
He knows the legal position better than anyone, he got himself into it (astutely) and I’m sure he could get himself out of it. But ultimately, he doesn’t want to while it still pays.


He’s not putting his house up for sale though is he? He’s putting up a business. A business where the customers are expecting the owner to not make any money out of it.
I suspect prospective buyers would be very hard to come by.