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Bonser , who wants him gone , and who thinks he should stay


I agree totally - it is about the amount he needs to cause him to want to sell (see my post on other thread)

My point about the house was that you don’t necessarily know who is out there until you declare that you want to sell / put out a price.


The amount was estimated by people in the know(?) at around £7 million a couple of years ago. Know anyone with that kind of cash to throw away?


The thing is Belphegor,Bonsers house has be up for sale now for years,and no one wants it.He either has to drop the price drastically,or, add some value somehow,to entice some realistic offers.


Bonser’s house has been up for sale but he still wanted to use the dining room, lounge and kitchen to host guests, dinner parties and banquets, whilst letting the new owners play in the garden.


That’s a good analogy…:smile:


£400k almost guaranteed return on £7m is nearly 6% plus the potential to grow the business.
Business people take on far more onerous tasks all the time.

We recently sold the company I had been MD of for the last 10 years for a similar figure, with much greater risk to the buyer.


I thought so too :wink:


That’s where he’s been so clever. Technically it would be the trustees who make the decisions on behalf of the beneficiaries. They are legally obliged to act in the interests of the beneficiaries. How much would you actually have to take to make sure you’d compensated for virtually risk-free 400,000 a year? Given the low level of risk,thus lower returns ,could even something as low as 4% be shown to be unreasonable? Even that’s s 10 million just for the ground ownership.


By my recollection that season started either unusualy early or late that season, was not the club’s fault as the wedding would have been booked way before the fixture list was released.


But aren’t we looking for someone who didn’t take £400k a year out of the club?


Indeed but they are separate arguments. If Bonser wanted out, there will be business type buyers, however, there is less likelihood of a buyer being there who is a benevolent fan.

Which is why we are banjaxed until something drastic happens.


Listened to Jim White on talkesport today - he’s been championing Charltons cause and got close to the group pushing for a sale and previously he helped Sunderland.
If we could make him aware of the cancer killing our club he would certainly highlight matters in the press and maybe ask the questions we want answered ?


We love this to happen but I would be very surprised if he took it up. As previously stated our issues are hidden behind a veil of respectability.


Blog post on the whole situation:


Spot on calculator, couldn’t have put it better, pass Go and collect £200👍


Surely there is someone clever enough out there to expose bonzo for what he has done? if he has done something illegal (allegedly) ?


I’m not going to read this entire thread but here is what I think.

Bonser is the owner not a manager or a player or a member of staff. Whether you or I or anybody wants him gone it is entirely up to him and him alone. We have no choice in the matter so it is very much a moot discussion. Even if you think fan protests will work - they won’t unless the numbers are huge and the protests hit him in the pocket - i.e. thousands stay away and our attendances collapse to nothing.

More importantly - who will buy us? Who would have enough money to take the risk of buying a small club (and we ARE a small club) that has been in the same division for most of my life (and I am an old git) in a town where most of the fans support Villa, or Wolves or West Brom? For all the talk about investing money in the club and the players we will never be able to afford or keep the players or managers that are likely to bring us he success that we crave. The moment we get a shining light in the squad or the manager’s dugout they are poached with the lure of more money and more glory than a club like Walsall can even dream to offer.

In the year I was born, we were relegated from the (then) second division and have spent all but a handful of my life in the (then) third division.

What do you expect? Do you really think that we can have a rich mogul come in with billions and take to the summit of the Premiership? Or even change things so we are an established Championship club?

I don’t think so. I am realistic.

Bonser supports Walsall and owns the club. That’s the situation you have and that ain’t gonna change.

If I were a billionaire, I wouldn’t buy the club.

Nevertheless - having said that, I would LOVE to see it happen. I just know it won’t.


Careful! Has he done anything illegal?


From what i can understand from certain posts on here? unless i am reading it wrong?


Thanks @Welsh_Saddler :wink: