Empty ground
No Fans

Equals Jeff in a very awkward position he could not sustain. He’d have to go.

It would also bring in a lot of attention from outside of the club

It takes no organisation just vote with your feet and cut the income stream

By all means do away games

Yes it hurts the club and yes it could put them in dire straits and in danger of falling out of the league next season … but a quarter of a century watching other clubs with ambition yo-yo

Boycotts and maybe prolonged ones at that are the only way forward here

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I’ve said previously that the ONLY way to smoke JB out is to publically object to him via the actions at games - a boycott of a game/games would attract added media attention and a large banner objecting to him outside the ground would help too

Many said that we shouldn’t do this because of the impact on the team and players - well guess what, they don’t give a ■■■■ either so what’s now the problem?

The club is rotten and so is the management and as fans we do one of 2 things I guess:

Accept it and it’ll never change (this is the option adopted by most for years and look where it’s got us?)

Take action and deny the board and ownership your support - I really can’t see any other way of attracting sufficient media interest and highlighting the plight of the club



The walkout last season was reasonable success in regards that it got noticed and, to some extent, acted on.
I would imagine there would be more support for it now and, if as seems likely, we are relegated would send the message to all that have let us down.



The biggest issue of action now is that it would naturally be seen (externally) as a reaction to very very recent games and our impending relegation and this plays into Jeffs hands in some respects but as many others have been suggesting, this needed to happen much sooner…

We can’t change that now and unless we act soon our club may (it has all the signs in my opinion) descend into terminal decline…

In any walk of life, business, personal, or anything else, you reap what you sow and as many of us have said for years, Jeffs outdated personally/financially motivated system of ownership has now caught up with us



This Is a great point !

“Many said that we shouldn’t do this because of the impact on the team and players - well guess what, they don’t give a ■■■■ either so what’s now the problem?”

Coop - exactly even the most loyal and greatest of players move on - Viveash, Walker etc . The Season we went so close to going up the likes of Sawyers, Etheridge, Bradshaw had lined up moved elsewhere this was long before we didn’t show up at Oakwell … the only difference now is we have ■■■■ poor players who know they are going. These players don’t matter.

Boycott the Banks’s put the club to its knees. Time for some brinksmanship



A walkout would be a good start. Imagine the players, probably their last act at Bescot, walking around an empty stadium. Singing, and for some abusing, the players just creates tension and is usually how things pan out. A silent protest, reported widely in the press and social media, would embarrass everybody and a sign of how the protests are going to shape going forward.



Good points raised guys, I think the idea of leaving the ground during some time in 2nd half is a strong message that we don’t want to watch this crap anymore, even though I’ve paid a tenner for each of the last 2 games I’m up for it🚶

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Anything is better than nothing but that would be much less impactful in terms of media coverage and comment thereafter

Could you imagine the coverage if next to no one was in the ground for kick off - now that would make a statement

Just for the first 5 minutes would be a great story with folk milling around outside, chanting for our saviour to be gone (I’m being polite)…

Once the impact had been made then we all file in as usual and it’s job done (we can all then enjoy another capitulation and loss with players showing no pride, passion or respect for the shirt, the club or the fans…)



Once you’ve brought your ticket (or if you’re a ST holder paid to park, purchased a pint, programme,pie or all 3)… Jeff is already somewhere in the region of £5 to £40 better off than he was before you decided to walk out.

Knocking the income of the club for a long period of time will cause them some serious cash flow problems. Jeff couldn’t spin cash flow problems with the Banks like he can bad press in the E&S.

What will they do if faced with cash flow problems ?

  • Cut back on stadium maintenance :joy:
  • Cut back on Stadium Staff :man_facepalming:t2:
  • Trim the playing budget :rofl:

I don’t know how the cash flow of WalsallFC works but it’d be a crying shame if the “Venue” side of things had to make cut backs because the “football” income nose dive.



The footballing side of our club has been a poor relation compared to the commercial side for a number of years now. Occasionally we’ll get a year of optimism (Smith’s playoff year) but it’s surrounded by years of stagnant regressive football.

I’m all for actions to make the club stand up and take notice in terms of the footballing side of things, but the pessimist in me feels all we’ll see is a further reduction in the playing budget.

The commercial side of our club continues to thrive and I can’t help but think that a reduction in revenue from the commercial side would get more attention from Jeffrey and the board. Clearly this is a lot harder for us fans to have an effect on as I’d imagine the majority of people who attend events at the ground aren’t Walsall fans.

It just feels that as fans we are currently in a very weak position to have any effect on the club whatsoever. I’m not saying I have any new ideas on how we could act to produce the biggest reaction from the club, but it’s going to take something big and outside the box for them to care about changing the football side of the club.



This reminds me of the club’s official video aimed at attracting season ticket renewals! Roberts saving shots in slow motion kicked by an old duffer that used to play for the Dingles, players doing stretches in slow motion (or in Osbourne’s case, normal time) and a picture of O’Connor smiling, to replace the same image of Keates. To sack a manager so late in the season gives O’Connor an IMPOSSIBLE job. The rot has set in, the marketing is ropey and yet you have the club talking about a new media agency and Leahy liking a Coventry City image of Bakayoko after another defeat (the worst losing run since 1988). But the club is absolutely fine, apparently…



Empty ground rent still gets paid from the Venue Bonser not bothered.

However last home game at the end whistle everyone leaves the ground no staying behind to thank the players for a s— season.



I think waiting for the lap of “honour” and all fans silently turning their backs on them and staying turned until they walk off the pitch would send a statement.



I will leave before any lap of honour… surely they won’t be daft enough to arrange one!!!



IF we are relegated by Peterborough at home then that game should be something WSFC could maybe look at promoting a walk out. Can be seen as two things, a show to Jeff Bonser that we have had enough and a show to the players that they don’t deserve their walk around the pitch taking in applause for probably a last time. Although I’m not sure they’re even that thick to think they would get that!



Exactly this.

Being the home of a League One outfit or being the home of a National League outfit - it makes no difference in terms sales for the conferences and events at The Venue, the most prized aspect of the setup. None.

The whole set up is stagnant and worse still, unwavering (despite what they claim). They have a plaster for every sore in the media in terms of budget and they know it. I hate their sanctimonious, evasive, bullish and defensive attitude to everything with a passion.



I agree the commercial side carries on no matter if we are championship or national league north but …

A boycott of people just not going … a run of 5/6/7 games would knock a hole in the clubs finances of at least 100k plus.

Cash flow problems for the club would eventually effect its off field activities.

That’s when Jeff knows we mean business.

The great thing about a boycott ? You do nothing apart from not showing up. Needs next to no work



My guess would be that they just clap all corners of the ground(if there are any fans left)after the final whistle,



Don’t leave it until the last home game as I doubt JB will even attend it



This would take more work than you think. You would need to get the message out as to which games you plan to boycott, and the biggest hurdle is getting people to actually do it and even then there will always be a section that will turn up regardless.