Bradford £5 Ticket Offer


What you’d expect but not sure how many neutrals using M6 to go home to North West and London will fancy a random Walsall game.

I agree about putting up some posters/flyers around Walsall. Putting some in the transport hub/pubs are what a forward thinking football club would do.

I always remember going to that chavvy Sports bar on a Saturday years ago. Was meeting a mate in there who was coming to watch a Walsall game at 3pm and Man. United-Liverpool was the lunchtime offering. Place was predictably rammed and I remember thinking, all these Walsall born people, glory hunting and not giving a stuff about their local team (unless they draw Chelsea in the cup).

That bar does have some Walsall shirts on display as you walk in so sure it will accept some leaflets around the bar area to alert said football fans to this offer.


£5 is a rip off for what is currently being served up! :joy:


just checked the club web site/ fixtures list:

’ Walsall - Bradford City H Sat Feb 23 2019 15:00 (UK)’ :anguished:

thought this was a 12 o’clock tv KO? So you could spend a £5 for nothing if you turn up at 3.

cant even keep the web site up to date! (take it back if its been reset to 3 KO):sleeping:
keep the faith UTS


Are you mistaken with the impending televised embarrassment against Barnsley?


probably!! Bradford /Barnsley ? just my age or 2 much amber ale.

still shell shocked after Tuesday.

keep the faith UTS


PS. only a month out !

sorry Mr club Web site update man (guess you read all of this PC site):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

keep the faith UTS


Whilst it looks like there is more interest than usual in terms of pre-sales I think it is fair to say that this hasn’t quite sparked the imagination of the town.

I guess it will pick up as the week goes on but as it stands now, the stand won’t get near selling out.

Have things got so bad, that even if we literally gave tickets away we still wouldn’t fill the ground?


YES…I don’t think we would fill the ground even if we paid people to come. Even in better times we found it difficult to fill the ground.


Oh dear!

Thanks for the reminder that we are going to be totally humiliated in front of the nation.
Barnsley willl run up a cricket score.


How about if we advertised a public flogging of the chairman , bet we’d fill it okay then , and would probably need the corners of the stands filled with temporary seating to increase the capacity :wink:


I would try anything to get people in through the gates…send it as a suggestion to Mr. Gamble.


Club are advertising for turnstile operators on the web site --somebody know something :relaxed:

Bradford sell out :roll_eyes:


Be lucky to get anymore than 4000 home fans.


Not so long ago I’d of been all over this, but even a £5 ticket can’t tempt me to make the 2.5 hour journey.

I will be at Burton though.


I’m going to decide on the morning of the game if I can be bothered. I even passed on a £5 for an adult and child ticket offer which the club did at my school.


Really didn’t feel like going to this after buying my ticket at the same time as the Wimbledon game , and the disappointment of that game , the total lack of any footballing quality but now I’ve calmed myself down i am hoping that a large crowd will be there to show their support as it maybe Deans last match , and if we can help with a good atmosphere then I’ll be trying my best , so come on guys lets give him as much backing as we can as this is possibly the last throw of the dice for him


A tale of 2 offers…

Last year me, the lad, the mrs, the lads mates x2 and the old man (Walsall fan for 50 years) were there.

This year none of us will be there - all down to one geezer taking the Michael one time too many. Wouldn’t pay that bloke 5p :fu::fu:


Seems to be a trickle of interest.

Middle blocks of the middle tier near full now and front bits of the middle upper beginning to fill. Downstairs middle blocks about 75% full. But loads and loads of availability both upstairs and downstairs.

Will undoubtedly be fuller than usual (with Community Stand a bit emptier than usual) but will be a long way from full.

Which is a shame because this is the type of pricing structure we have been banging on about all season. It would be ace if it materially improved not only the crowd and atmosphere but also the ultimate revenue. If the current trickle of interest continues at the same pace we may well be worse off than on a usual Saturday.


The cynic in me thinks the club have timed this absolutely perfectly with our form and as little advertising as possible. A poor turnout now gives them the ideal opportunity to say “we gave you cheap tickets and you still didn’t come, so we see little point in reviewing the overall pricing structure.”


Will be similar attendance to Northampton then as imagine Bradford will bring around 1k as this is huge game for them.

Does show the club at least that 7k is achievable and a starting point to build attendances if prices are dropped significantly.

Of course that requires club to be committed to these offers rather than just doing to quell the pitch forkers from the internet.

Preferable to the awful sub 4k attendances that have been cropping up recently and will be the norm next season in league 2. At least Saturday will have more of a big game feel with more people in.