Bradford Banker

Absolutely dreading going to this one… this will probably be my last away game this season… simply just not worth the money

I find it a little sad that we as a whole are losing a little bit of the buzz that had started to go around our club.

The last couple of home games the atmosphere has been very disappointing, and with the team doing little to get the crowd behind them.

Away attendances are dropping off very gradually too.
I can remember when we were asking if we would be given enough tickets for the early demand, but sadly with the drop in form it just seems to be back to the same few hundred loyal away supporters who have always gone that are going now.

Would be great if we could grow our support base, home and away but that has got to be down to the club showing a little more ambition than they so far have and signing a few more above average players, not just the odd one and playing better more entertaining, more consistent football.
I know it’s what we all want and dream of but unless we improve the fan base will just return to the same old regulars and not grow as a club or as a fan base.

If we were to do this and move up and around the playoff positions we would be taking 1200 away to most grounds.

Anyway moan over, we are all expecting a good hiding at their place and our old cookie monster to get a couple, but with the crowd turning on Hughes if we could start well and get the crowd on their backs we could sneak a win.

Ps still wish we had Cook in our team


Me to @Jamiew2841. I was all set for going up had nearly purchased a couple of tickets and was going to stay overnight so I could hook up with my mate who lives in Halifax. After Saturday and seeing Bradford win and Cook rattling in an Hat-trick I’ve decided to go and have a break by the coast instead!

Is there a pub the away fans go to in bradford?

I went in the Midland Hotel just down the road last season

A bit closer to the ground:

Both home and away fans mingling in there before the game last season.

Sound… what about parking is it any good around the ground?

Limited street parking close by (especially when getting close to kick off). There used to be a car park right opposite the away turnstiles (more a bit of wasteland really) but it was closed for the last couple of visits so I assume it’s being repurposed. Best advice is to get there early and circle round.

“Home” to Barnstoneworth United.



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Bradford is a proper hole, we had to spend the day there after taking my car for a repair to the folding roof.
If i never see it again it will be too soon :confounded:

I go to the City Vaults usually. Early kick off on, easy enough to get served, a little outside bit, 10 min walk to the ground.

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I haven’t been excited to go to a game for a while
This game fills me with dread and apprehension rather than a buzz

Around 7/2 on skybet for the double

Feeling more positive than a few days ago with the news that Osh is available and PF injury isn’t that bad. I’d like to see us go 4 4 2 with Osh and DD at the back. Oteh deserves a start at left wing. With Knowles on the other flank and either Riley or maybe Foulkes at RB. Not gonna complain if Draper and Matt start for a bit of physicality up front but I’d probably start DJ if it were me.

Delete thread :joy::joy::joy::joy:


No feckin way we need this left so that idiots can be reminded of their idiocy at some random futue date, or even immediately. :speak_no_evil:


Other than it being 3-1, this game was very Walsall! :crazy_face:

Gutted I had us for 2-1 in the prediction league, bloody Sadler. :rage:

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Always said we would win this one! :roll_eyes: even though it wasn’t from open play I was right with Cook scoring like most of us said!!

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Gas and leccy being cut off monday aye it