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Bradford City (A) 15th Dec, 3pm


Interesting that Keates hooked Morris immediately after the goal and Masi reporting that he is furious with him. Considering he was at fault for the two Sunderland goals in the league as well in almost the exact same set of circumstances I think that could be one of the last times we see him in a Walsall shirt. Extremely frustrating Footballer. I’d rather have Zeli Ginnelly Ferrier and Gordon on the wings before him to be honest.

He had a bright start to the season but has done literally nothing with his opportunities since.


On a few occasions (especially the Burton game, where Morris was on the right side with Wilson at fullback) his lack of positional sense and awareness has been badly exposed. He’s not developed sufficiently over the past few seasons unfortunately.


Lets be honest Morris is thick. Easier to just blame the full backs though ain’t it.


As far as Keates comments that were “discussed” on Saturday, I’ll be extremely surprised if he was referring to the Full backs and not Osbourne, Martin and Morris, who were all far more culpable for the goals.

Guthrie didn’t cover himself in glory either particularly for the last one. But everybody had clocked off by then not just him.


He’s not the brightest is he. Tom Bradley definitely has to tie his boot laces for him.


Osbourne, Morris, Devlin, Leahy, 50/50 Guthrie - will all be cheerio by the summer. You can save this post if you like. :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity, if you are so certain Keates will get rid of Leahy in summer, why would he make him captain? In addition, reading Joe Masi’s report in the Star and seeing the highlights, Leahy put in some great crosses from which Cok should have scored from and seemed to be on the few putting in any effort. Of course, I stand to be corrected by the hardy souls that made the journey up there.


That bloody swear filter :grin:


Think he was refering to another " Bantam Cok " goal :wink:


I like a fair few aspects of Kieron’s game but he’s such an inconsistant player as you say. He’s also not some teenager anymore, he’s been playing regularly in league one since 2015.

I imagine he’s the main target of the “playing for your future now” comments from DK as I assume his contract is up end of season.


For me end of season I would get rid of Dunn,Martin,Guthrie,Osbourne,Morris .The maybes are devlin and Ismail . I like these 2 . But devlin is suspect to errors but can’t fault his COMMITMENT to the cause .while Ismail could be a great player for us and even play at a higher level but does not have the mentality or the COMMITMENT. Needs to sort himself out quickly.


I’m quite confident.

I’d say there would have to be one of two things happen for any of them to stay.

  1. They agree to a serious drop in wages (mainly Devlin and Leahy)


  1. There is a drastic improvement in form for all concerned.


Have to say I’m amazed two players signed from Scottish first division are among the highest earners here.

The wages for even the mid table teams in SPL are miniscule compared to what’s on offer south of the border.

Guess Whitney really wasn’t bluffing when he said most of the 2017 budget had gone on Devlin and Leahy!


We had to offer them the something to come south of the border :grin:


Cant help it but I do like devlin and leahy and think they can inprove .We can all see that they care. But if they are the highest earners I agree they will have to take a cut in wages if they want to continue at the club next season . ( not sure they would want to stay with the grief they get on this site tho )


Guthrie is a difficult one , always puts a shift … however he’s very limited as an actual Footballer.

Out for me - Osbourne, Martin , Ismail, Devlin , Morris

Then you have to make the decision between Ferrier and Gordon . We can only carry 3 strikers max and neither of these pair really score on consistent basis.


That’s why I’m so surprised as to how Guthrie’s performance has declined since Martin came in. With Martin playing next to him I assumed he’d just be left to defend, much like Ian Roper, with Martin being the one looking to play into midfield. It seems as though Guthrie is better when paired with a like minded center back, rather than someone who compliments his style.

It’s probably also no surprised that we haven’t defended as well with our best defender, Fitzwater, sat on the bench


Last season. He’s made some very dodgy mistakes this season and I believe a couple of own goals. Guthrie has been the better of the two this season and I’d say Nicky Devlin has defended better than him.

But I’d still take him over Martin at the minute.


I’d say Deano was referring to Morris when he said they need to grow up, he’s been around the first team along time and hasn’t progressed at all in fact id say he’s gone backwards, I’m sure we will find out when contracts expire.


Probably Ismail aswell as after a bright start he’s dipped again which probably explains why he’s had so many clubs in his career to date.