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Bradford City (A) 15th Dec, 3pm


How can anyone continue to doubt Leahy’s input? After single-handedly procuring three points for the club on Saturday, he put accurate crosses to Cook who missed two game changing opportunities.

But we can’t apportion the fair amount of blame to misfiring strikers for this game, when a long running and incoherent lambasting of a particular player is being wheeled out for the umpteenth time.

Last time I checked, 11 players took to the field.


Hi there, I live in Leeds. I went today against the advice of my wife. Wish I hadn’t. We were the better team first half but Cookie missed two golden chances. In the second half we were appalling, so bad I left after 80 minutes (the first time I have ever done this ). We were so bad it could’ve been 6-0


Wow, checked the score and Masi tweets at half time. Saw Walsall were 1-0 and seemingly playing o.k so thought it was likely they’d be a comeback second half.

Checked with 10 minutes left and nearly fell off my seat! What on earth happened? I did say Bradford had a much better squad than bottom of the league and had been scoring a few goals recently but that result is a shocker, easily the worst since the Whitney era.

Very interested to see the team and formation at Posh next week. Would imagine it will be a defensive 3-5-1-1 or something which I can understand.

What’s clear to me are the best players at the club actually need to be playing so hopefully Dobson is fit and Fitzwater needs to be recalled pronto.


They put 4 against Posh in the cup, so I’d say they are no longer the forlorn relegation fodder they looked like a few weeks ago. The difference is, Posh scored four and we missed our chances.


Judging from one person’s post you’d think we fielded a team of two. No criticism from that poster of the strikers, just the same lazy blaming of the full backs. How very boring.


At least they will be nice and fresh for theirChristmas party tomorrow as none of them broke sweat today
Disgrace of a team should give everyone who went their money back and I include the management team in that


Give their money back? Really? It’s football. You win some you lose some. Hate when people make that ridiculous statement. Absolute nonsense.


I am amazed at some of the comments on here. This team have worked wonders over the past few weeks…undefeated against Sunderland in 3 games and 2 good wins against Coventry. I cannot believe that they just rolled over but clearly it was a poor performance. They happen especially with a youngish team and we have to keep supporting them. I think that comments immediately after games should be measured and that should apply to Managers as well…after the last few weeks I think that Dean’s comments were ill advised.


Well he’s a Walsall fan, like us. He speaks with emotion. Some of us can’t hide the emotion. You can, well done. Here’s a medal. :medal_sports:


No medals required thank you…just a recognition that we have done well lately and that the team deserve credit for that despite today. I don’t like to see Managers attacking players in the media…its not doing the Man. Utd manager must good at the minute!!!


Can take defeat all day long but not one player put a shift in … body language was atrocious


Supporters Emotions are high after a 4-0 defeat at the basement boys . The lads have let themselves down today after some good performances in recent weeks .just seems like 2 steps forward (you get a little excited) then 2 steps back .( And it’s frustrating as hell ) But suppose that’s where we are. At the moment. UTS


That happens. Demanding a refund makes no sense to me.


Osbourne was a new signing in the summer.


Demanding the minimum effort though is
Jesus it was that cold they should have been happy to run around


You ain’t getting a refund and you don’t deserve one. End of. You risk getting hammered when you buy a ticket. It happens.


Pssssst, that’s why there was a question mark in brackets next to his.


Can’t agree more. Love Deano or hate him he’s Walsall and I love him for it


■■■■■■■ than Leahy though


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