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Bradford City (A) 15th Dec, 3pm



Well that’s a horror watch that.

What is Osborne doing for the 1st goal ? It’s far to easy and WTF is Guthrie doing for the 4th it’s embarrassing.

Also Mr Cook missed 2 absolute sitters, he had to score and that may have meant a different game as opposed to a gubbing


the first half wasnt too bad in fairness but the second was a shambles none of them looked interested for me.anyone who thinks the defence isnt a problem needs to look at our goal difference and the goals conceded today and i include Martin in this not just blaming Leahy and Devlin.


Sorry if it offends keates .Martin is not good enough weather he has played 30 odd times for Scotland and played in the premier or not . He is not good enough


He just isn’t fit. Same with Osbourne. Never really a good idea to sign 30 + year olds two months into a season when they haven’t had the 4-5 pre season work and then wait for them to get actual fitness playing matches.

West Brom signed a few of those like Hoolahan, Sako and Mears and none of them are starting.

Greg Halford would probably be of similar standard considering he hasn’t played since May.


Martin Probley on a right screw as well .


Osbourne was ok in his first spell with the club .but he has had half a season to get fit now .1 good game in 5 is not good enough.


Osbournes been ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ since he resigned and wasn’t much better before.

Weakest link in the team but gets away with murder for some reason


Osboume is off the pace, not motivated. going through the motions and couldn’t care less

If he is “playing for his future” as suggested by DK, his future is delivering pizza


■■■■ poor at both ends. Take the chances first half and it could have been a totally different game.


I wouldn’t say he gets away with murderer. Majority of fans agree with you. Martin comes with some pedigree though so is getting it harder, and rightfully so. He’s absolute bum.


Cripes, this is the second occasion I have agreed with you!
Though the whole team without exception can take no credit for such a dire performance against what was the bottom club in our Division, and trying very hard to perpetuate our history of poor performances against them. Osbourne, as I have mentioned previously, is slow, laborious, couldn’t turn even if he was gay, brings no input into the team whatsoever and is targeted by the opposition regularly.
He is an absolute liability and has to be shipped back out of this squad.
Have to say incidentally I am impressed with the way Kinsella has improved over recent seasons. Though this has to be the only flicker of praise after such a disastrous shambles.


I seem to recall that your alter ego AM wrote Kinsella off after a bad throw in at Morecombe a couple of years back!!!


Yes he did, I wasn’t there on that day so can’t comment.
Though he didn’t impress me much against Newport!


Your being kind … he’s ■■■■■■■ useless


After a couple of ladders this game was a snake again there is just no consistency in the team

Almost at the halfway stage and keates has managed 2 points more than Whitney so there is progress and for me averaging a point a game will just about see us over the line now


Agree but we need to remember Deano is still having to use player’s that JW brought in ,

so is not fully ’ HIS ’ own team yet .

Hopefully he’ll bring in some better player’s come January .

Think Martin has been highly disappointing really if you take his experience into consideration .

We haven’t been told Fizzywater is destined to return to the Baggie’s January have we ? We are i think presuming that is going to happen but hope not and he can return with the kind of form he showed at the start of the season.

Would be a major coup if Deano could bring Norwood in to partner Cook again up front .


Is this speculative ‘rumour’ or have actual moves been made?


More like pie in the sky high hopes :grin:


Pathetic defending, far too lethargic. Almost every goal was ‘gifted’ to bottom of the table. Unacceptable.