Bradford City (H) 23rd Feb, 3pm


Let’s do a Brighton on 'em? :stuck_out_tongue:


Peterborough Utd 1 Shrewsbury Town 2 :astonished::astonished::astonished:


Bettys :scream::scream::scream::scream:


That’s added an extra foot to our league 2 grave…


Like fatties at an all you can eat buffet :smile:


The inevitable is unfolding Welsh


■■■■ this, where’s Kelly at?


Is Jeff there? Asking for a friend.


So, of course, we equalise with our 10 men!!! (Josh Gordon)

Blackpool 0 Oxford Utd 1 (42 min)


I can’t disagree with you with on the specifics but let’s be fair, one players actions don’t get you relegated - we are in the ■■■■ state we are in because of many reasons but we all know the main protagonist don’t we??




To comment on others noticing the ‘lack’ of involvement from the backroom staff. During a water break whilst players were being treated, Davies stayed sat down next to Oakes, whilst O’Connor was talking to players. He also seems to have been more involved. Actions speak louder than words for me.


Get the bastard in


If our 10 men pull this out of the bag then I’ll happily eat my words - I’d better lay off posting for a while :thinking:


To be fair we have responded well to going behind. Would really fancy us to win with Cook still on


Gordons Alive


Ah aaaaaah - savio… no im not gonna finish it as there’s a long way to go


Ifollow is s bag of ■■■■ today
Anyone else struggling with it freexzong up?


Disagree, one player’s actions can change your season… Jimmy cost us our relegation from the Championship when he slapped Wise.


Oxford Utd taking the lead at Blackpool means we are still in the bottom 4 despite Josh Gordon’s equaliser… (Correction, no we’re not, because Bradford City drop a couple of points!!) :wink: