Bradford City (H) 23rd Feb, 3pm


Beeb has us 20th


Come on Blackpoo…:scream: l


Almost 2-1 to them
Doyle missed a free header from 6 yards out


Don’t want to argue the toss but any (one) game can be turned on an action from anyone - the point is that it’s never one single game that defines the entire outcome of a whole season…


I think we might have to rely on the misfortunes of others rather than our own efforts this afty

Hope Blackpool get their shooting boots on @ half time, they can creep within spitting distance of the playoffs with a win and have a game in hand


Cook6 minutes in bombing in with his elbows up. I can’t believe some of the morons around me are surprised it was a red. Absolute stone wall red card. Stupid from Cook.


Joe Edwards has been outstanding in that half but I fear a point isn’t enough even if we get through this half.


The 10 men have got to dig deep. We need 3 points!


I thought it was a high foot but the ifollow pics were a bit ■■■■■■. You could tell from his reaction that he knew he was off.


So was it an elbow - earlier post said high foot and I wondered if a straight red was a bit harsh for That?


Jarvis and Edwards have been fantastic. Horrendus defending though is it just me or is Scarr a serious liability?


Well I think it was an elbow :joy::joy:

Either way it was a stupid challenge.


Definitely an elbow


Cookie must be totally ■■■■■■ off with this season:

Started great
Scored loads
Crap season for the team
Works his knackers off every week for nowt most of the time
Red card for being a bit aggressive


You are probably right. Pictures very bitty on my ifollow today.
He’s been getting more and more frustrated the last few weeks and he’s always running a fine line


It was a red though


He just keeps on lumping it up field. Zeli is worse though for me, doesn’t look like he gives a toss.


That’s the way to start the 2nd half!!! 2-1 to the Super Saddlers :blush:


2-1 Edwards. Get the f in


And then he sets up a goal :roll_eyes: