Bradford postponed

Another one bites the dust

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FFS :pleading_face:

I’m not too fussed about this one.

Sitting up in the gods on a freezing Wednesday night didn’t really appeal. My brothers happy too as he wasn’t too keen on trying to get in the Upper tier on crutches. :crazy_face:


Unbeaten in the league for the whole of December! :grinning:


Manager of the month looms!
You know what that means for the next match though.

Whenever that may be lol

Can see the ‘doomonger’ scientific brigade getting football to be postponed altogether, or played behind closed doors for the remainder of our season. That’ll teach us to want to have Christmas with our family (or our loved one’s).
Another ‘stupid people’ statistic to come out of the North West…Out of over 400 individuals to have been taken into NHS covid care in Liverpool, more than 2/3rds were between 30 & 40 and over 85% had not had a single jab.

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I have kept coming back to this post over the last hour since I first read it, deciding whether I should reply or not. No real good will come from it I guess.

Still, I couldn’t help myself. Your last sentence is sickening in my opinion. Taking into account you feel strongly that everyone should be vaccinated which is fair enough. When we get to the point we are wishing people dead, I’m not even sure I want to continue on this planet.

For the nurses that at the beginning of the pandemic when people were terrified as we had no idea how bad the threat was. The nurses didn’t complain they jumped in headfirst and worked tirelessly without adequate PPE . We stood on our doorsteps and clapped, banged our pots and pans for these people. These same people now face losing their jobs if they don’t consent to have the vaccine. Who knows why any individual decided not to have the vaccine and would rather walk away from a job that they have no doubt devoted their lives to, to help ease others suffering, it’s not for me or anyone else to ask.

Maybe there should be a dungeon for these nurses below each hospital so they can suffer without help despite spending their lives helping and saving others. Meanwhile above there will be other people dying with an ever-growing list of illnesses because there aren’t enough nurses.

This is not in any way shape or form me trying to convince people not to get a vaccine, more on a human level that people don’t deserve to die even if they are making a mistake.

I understand that this is completely off topic so if the mods wish to delete it that’s fine. It is just in response to a post or more so a sentence within a post that bothered me quite a lot.


Its what this has caused mate division and finger pointing bet the government love it.

Good to see this. Anti-vaxers are selfish people who need to be made to face the consequences of their actions. It is interesting that recently I am hearing more and more people arguing that those who refuse a vaccine and get sick from Covid should not be treated on the NHS.
Someone on mandating vaccines online today see what i mean?

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I don’t agree with

We don’t refuse treatment to smokers who get lung cancer or alcoholics who destroy their livers or to the sexually incontinent, nor the obese…the idea of refusing treatment to people who have not had a vaccine is barbaric. I can’t believe that would be a country most of us would wish to live in, but maybe I’m just a bit soft.
Merry Xmas and goodwill to all, vaccinated or not.


I don’t agree with Worsul4eva’s last sentence either.
Though I’m definitely pro vaccine, I don’t advocate condemning people to the the darkest places in hell because they chose not get themselves vaccinated.
We live in countries that offer their citizens a great deal of freedom and choices. Those who choose not to be vaccinated have the right to do so, I don’t agree with their choice but fully support their rights.


What a horrible thing to say and believe in.

I hope you never get ill due to decisions made in your life. I presume you’ll be refusing help for any illnesses that might be caused by any vices you may have?


I can understand the gut reaction but denying the care to those deluded enough to not take a safe effective vaccine would diminish us as a society.

Like you I judge, I despair but we’re better than that.


Can we keep Covid in the Covid thread, please?

“Yes” is the answer. Comment there or not at all!


Quite right, though most who treasure their sanity have given up with commenting in that alternative universe.


Agreed. One thread on that is more than enough!

To keep it on topic, Walsall/Bradford would have been a draw.


I don’t think Worsul4eva is a bad bloke. He comes on here says things he regrets and then apologizes. Think sometimes he’s been on the pop.

A lack of holiday football is a real shame.

I’d nip down to Marine but their game is a sell out. Unbelievable how they’ve ridden the wave following their cup run last year. Averaging just shy of a thousand in the league which is around treble their recent average. A remarkable average for a team playing at that level.

Walsall could learn so so much.