Bradford's £150 Season Tickets


Bradford yet again offering affordable football for their fans with an excellent season ticket offer.

£150 adults
£100 U16s
£25 U11s

Plus a flexi card option for £50 which allows £10 entry to any game of your choice. If you go to every game it’s still only £280.

Question is: if we had the balls to do this, what would the take-up be?


Depends on how well it was marketed


I’d buy a season ticket.


That Flexicard option is absolutely genius.


Just looked at how well it’s marketed on the Bradford website and how simple it is to choose a seat and purchase. This would be such an easy impulse buy on a payday.


I went to Bradford a few weeks back as a neutral. Sat in the kop, superb food and drink options. 20 quid ticket, got access to the bar before the game, massive yorkshire pud with chips, sausage and peas inside…4 quid.


Yeah but if you buy your ticket for Walsall in advance of each game, you can save £2 guys!

Although, if you buy too early you could also miss out on paying just £5 with a mate so who the ■■■■ knows what you should do :joy:

Don’t for a second think we could financially withstand such a low price under this regime but at least Bradford are trying other things too. We offer nothing.


Agreed. As someone who has attended around 10 homes games (maybe more, but lets say 10) I’ve shelled out for just 1 ticket (I buy 2 a game) around £220-£240. Under this scheme it’d be £150 and also encourage me to attend more games. It’s a bloody brilliant initiative. Someone should send this to Walsall.


Unfortunately does not make financial sense - would only work if JWB subsidised it, if it went wrong - hahahahahahahahah (I know).

Some quick maths;

Current ST holders of 2,500 @ £250/pp = £625,000

to make £150 work we would need circa 60% increase on that number to 4,100 ST holders.


Add to the fact, those casual/pay on the gate fans would get an ST and take out of the revenue over the course of the season. Unless you got say 5/6k ST holders, its just not going to work.

A more feasibly approach would be a staggered ST regime, with a reduction for milestones.


This is true and should be more favourable to the club as, if we didn’t hit the target, they can blame us and say they tried.


Hold on, I thought our ticket sales don’t matter as the club is sustainable without us and can exist off it’s commercial revenues? :wink:


That’s a fantastic idea, but wouldn’t work in practice at Walsall, cos our ticket office can’t cope at the best of times, and the club would have to invest £99 in a membership card printing machine, so it’s a no-no.


I can only imagine that Bradford’s model is to try and sell so much food/drink to punters to cover the loss in ticket price.

In theory, if Walsall did this, they could possibly expect an uplift of around 20-30% on ST sales, but the shortfall in revenue would be around £250k. We’d then need to sell around £10k of extra food/drink per home game to break even on the venture.

Given how ■■■■ poor the club are at running food/drink kiosks (warming up pies and pouring pints is a very complex business), it’s just not plausible.


I would hope the marketing team at Walsall FC are on top of things and have already seen this offer. However, as I’m sure people know, this isn’t a new offer and Walsall haven’t replicated it yet so I would imagine there’s a good excu…reason for not doing it.


Except if you buy your advance ticket on the website where you get charged a £1.50 booking fee so the saving becomes a whopping 50p for an advance ticket! :roll_eyes:

To avoid this you can call and pay over the phone for a ticket to be collected … although they could say they’re too busy and you should call back later. :thinking:


Fair play to Bradford though. They struck while the iron was hot and capitalised on the League Cup Final run. As it made them better on the pitch? No, obviously not, but there are thousands of new Bradford fans caught early.
If only we could reach a final, take 30,000, interested if not regular, fans and poke that interest by encouraging them to come again, especially if we have a promotion push or big cup game in the future to keep that interested flame stoked. Oh hang on! Too late. That ship has sailed sadly.


Well I have stopped going there for a pre game drink since they let the wretched masses into the Stadium Suite. The club stuck their two fingers up at me when they did that.


I don’t have a problem with that TBH. The real issue is that the Stadium Suite couldn’t cope with many people anyway, so to open it up to anyone just compounded the problem.


I do. I pay an extra £100 to be up there, which includes exclusive access to that suite.


Anyone that pays 100 notes for access to ‘that’ needs their head looking at!