Bradford's £150 Season Tickets


only by virtue of the fact that my ST is £100 more than the lower…


Well, you pay £100 for the better view and the better coverage from the rain, as well as the facilities.

Personally, I wouldn’t begrudge people being allowed in considering how poor the other facilities are.


It grieves me, I know its my choice/preference, that the price of a top/middle tier Homeserve Stand adult season ticket is the same as one for the family stand. I’d argue the view from bottom tier is better than family stand too.


Even more impressive…they actually started this offer in 2011 so the season before their famous cup run.

It’s a well supported club anyway but I agree offers like this have helped their rise up last 6 years. I know they’re doing poorly this season but it’s their first bad season since 2012/13 and more down to that idiotic owner who’s now gone back to Germany.


Thank you. I obviously thought different. As you say even more impressive.
There are obviously no guarantees we’d do as well as this but if we keep giving people excuses not to go to games then we’ll never build anything.