Brandon Comley signs

Scraping the barrel?

That is awful that we released him after that. I know someone at work who knows his dad and he told me about it, didn’t sound too promising when he couldn’t feel his one leg or move it. Glad to hear he’s on the mend though if he’s on trial at Stoke.

Out of the group of scholars only two or three have been kept on after a disastrous spell under Llera where they didn’t lost somethint like 12 or 13 games in a row (I think). Shows how poorly our academy is run with only a select handful of players making the transition from academy to first team which is hopefully something Trivela seek to change


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Flynn will probably say that the midfielders and defenders should pitch in with a few goals, and of course, we have Andy Williams, who was a good striker many, many years ago but not now at 35. I believe someone jokingly said on another thread that yet again we would start the season without a striker. Now looking truthful rather than a joke, there may be a lot of 0-0 results this season… that will get the fans off their seats.

Have a day off mate. I have become increasingly negative myself where Walsall are concerned over the past few years, I get it but jeez you make everything sound like a night in on your own with a bottle of whiskey listening to The Smiths.

Let’s at least see who else we get in and how they perform together before we jump of a cliff.


In the 20-21 season he scored 8 goals in 45 games, not exactly prolific but as the team he was playing for finished top one assumes he did something right. So within the last two years he has been good.


How I would love to be positive for a change but I am thinking as Mr. Average fan, Flynn is obviously building from the back with a brick wall defence, quite reasonable after recent years defending, but surely football is all about entertainment, we currently have a 35 yo ‘striker’, and a couple of slightly attack minded wing backs/midfielders, our opposition might find it difficult to score against us, but as Gensanx123 puts it “how the hell is this team going to score a goal”.
Think our recruitment is now complete, we might do quite well, but boy is it going to be a negative experience.

There is no way MF will go into the season without at least one more striker

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Two needed as a minimum. One will certainly be a permanent signing but we still have 4 loans we can make. More to come I think.


We need at least 3 attacking options for me, 2 up top and a winger.

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How do you work that one out? Season starts 30th July, it isn’t even 30th June yet. Give it a rest.


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