Brendan Kiernan - Article BBC Sport

On the midweek EFL On Quest programme last night, after showing the goal at Vale and as Kiernan was doing his call BK celebration, the voiceover guy said something like “that’s Kiernan probably on the phone to his agent”, which couldn’t have been much more wrong. :man_facepalming:

That would have been a very apt point to raise a bit more awareness, rather than trot out an odd view of a League 2 player’s reaction to scoring a good goal.

Shame, as the Quest pundits usually do their research on teams they have a little chat about, which obviously doesn’t extend to the voiceovers as they seem intent on shoe-horning in as many puns as possible on a random subject when showing the goals from some of the games.


They’ll fit in well here.

I’ve noticed the Quest match clips are laced with puns too.

Can forgive the cringey puns as the Quest programme is excellent and has really brought Football League coverage forward. Light years ahead of that horrendous Manish Bhasin/Steve Claridge vehicle that was screened after midnight and filmed in the dungeon room from Hostel.


Got to say I disagree…. Although Claridge could do one!

I think the Quest coverage is sound.

Lower league football is a minority interest and as such belongs on a channel for those with a minority interest.

Plenty of broadcasters have miscalculated previously, most notoriously ITV who thought that the world beneath the premier league would interest a wide audience.

It doesn’t and it never will. There’s a nerdy quality to those who are interested in a late Crawley equaliser at Carlisle. It is of minority interest.

So coming on somewhere between that Welsh fella and his mate who buy tat that isn’t tat and sell it on and Australian border patroller types is about right. I actually love that it overlaps with Match of The Day by half an hour. It’s a kind of dare - do you really like lower league football or will you scuttle off to listen to Alan Shearer describe the blindingly obvious?


I haven’t watched football league show for year’s I didn’t even know it was still on . There used to be a show called Jumper’s for goalposts on some strange regional channel made in Birmingham or something that was hilarious they genuinely used to use camera phone footage to show goals at random places like Romulus vs Barwell it actually had football league guests on as well now and again people like Martin O Conner and Darren Wrack even though they’d stopped playing 10 years before :rofl: