Brendan Kiernan signs

Two year deal from Harrogate

I’m speechless.

What’s the lowdown? Is this a good signing?

Played non league pretty much all his career and was squad player for Harrogate last year, 4 goals.

Surprised at the two year deal. Clearly think he has some potential but 29 in November.

Can’t say I know too much about him but looks more of a squad player based on his stats and maybe there to add depth to the squad

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As long as he has 1 good game in 10 he cant be any worse than what we had last season!! Looks to be an exciting player, just what we need. Welcome to the Bescott Brendan!!

McDonald replacement but far on less wages? Can’t have any less of an impact than Wes did last season. Gamble on a two year deal but could have free’d up a wage for elsewhere

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Welcome Brendan. I can’t personally say as I know much about him, but hopefully proves to be a good signing.

Was underwhelmed at first but you’d guess our starting formation would be a narrow one and that BK is a pacy option off the bench who has played both outwide and up front. Harrogate fans seem genuinely surprised he was released looking back at their retained list, and felt he was seriously underused by their manager. An interesting one to see how he is utilised/success of the signing. A year plus years option may have been a more sensible route?


Looking at the replies to that Harrogate fans look like they were gutted he left and he sounds like a good character to have around the club.

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Why? We needed a winger and he fits the bill. Although mainly a non league player he has scored goals wherever he has been so lets hope that continues. Welcome Brendan.

This is where we see what Fullerton and Taylor are about

Dutton and Clarke signed this profile of player and got zilch out of them.

Messrs Graydon Money & Smith would sign a lad like this and get something out of him and make everyone take note.


Sounds decent enough will get some opinion from Harrogate fans on him on the league 2 forum.

Not always from Smith.

Gnapka, Hurst and Ashley Hemmings all signed between 11-12 as wide players and none of them did anything and all quickly released. Pretty sure Hurst was highly rated at the time aswell.

Wide is always tricky one to pull off I think. Get it right and you’ve got 500k-1m player unless they’re on a short contract.

I see he spent some time at Crystal Palace as a youngster.Not sure about the dates but that might explain one of the reasons we signed him.


Not sure about his pedigree but at least it is one of the positions we require.

Fair point every manager has their duds. Tony Bedeau was a Richard Money one ? Memory fails me

But Dutton and Clarke got so many wrong

Compared to all the other signings completely underwhelmed on paper .not young no real experience. Hope he does wel but a big suprise

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Not adverse to the odd punt on a player and this is one of them.

Hopefully he’s a goodun.

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The lad has scored 57 in 207 games, thats 1 in 4 from the wing over the past 4 years, that’s from the league below and the national south. Keep in mind lavery scored 17 in 127 over the same time as a striker.