Brian Dutton

I think we need to look at a new manager now.
I honestly don’t think Dutton is ready or has the contacts in the game to improve this team next season. Also an inexperienced manager of a team who ain’t won in yonks staring at the relegation spots in league 2 ain’t a good sign

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Do we believe we are in danger of falling out of the football league

No - Start looking for the next manager now
No - Keep Brian Dutton if he does well

Yes - Go and get Dickie Dosh from where ever he is and get him to organise this team out of the mess its in now. Last known location sulking in a chippie somewhere in Hartlepool ?

He’s had two games.


I agree we need a reset in the summer and Dutton does not have the experience/ contacts to be able to do this.
Unfortunately DC has left us in a s**t state and jumped ship, when the man should have been sacked and left by the way side along time ago.
If I was LP I would seriously be ringing Martin O’conner and offering him a few quid to try and steady the ship until the end of the season.

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It hasn’t worked that well with M oC before


I agree. I did say when Dutton was appointed that we should give him 6 games before we judge him. However looking at his first 3 games in change i do.worry the this chance has come 4 or 5 years too soon for him. I appreciate that he is trying to get us to play better football, which is great if you have the players to do it. But we don’t!!!

I just can’t understand our inability to have shots on goal, even from outside the box. We have got zero goals from midfield, barely anything upfront now Adebayo has gone, and nothing from the back with the exception of Scarr. Our lack of goals and creativity kills us every game before we even start. I know that you can’t blame Dutton for that but when you look at the distance between Lavery up front as the lone striker and any support aroound him then we will never cause problems.

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We were doomed when he helped out in league one. I’m not saying he takes over but it’s a big ask for Dutton, MOC experience or someone of that Ilk would undoubtedly help Dutton until the end of the season.

Stop looking to ex-players to get us out the ■■■■.

Let them remain as legends to the club!

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I’m not giving up on him yet. Get Holden and Wright fit and things could look much better.


O’Connor has the right intentions but Dutton is probably better placed than him.

Going down another avenue of survival.

Looking at the facts

We’ve won 1 match in 10

If we repeat that feat in the next 10 we will hit 40 Points.

We’re then in a situation where we have 6 games left to to pick up another 4-11 points which would see us finish on 44-51 points which looking at previous seasons is the threshold for safety.

Agreed I’d be worried after 12 without a win but there are signs of an identity.

I agree with you but we need to get Holden and Wright fit and then play 2 up front.The lack of creativity is the main problem but even if we had more of that 1 man up front isn’t enough in most games. I have seen some signs of improvement in our overall play especially in the first half tonight.


I know he has but it hurts. Walsall hurts. It’s hard to look for positives in anything to do with Walsall and it sucks


Feel a nob saying it this early but he’ll not last long.

Rabbit in the headlights.


Not good enough and the cheap option.

Nothing ever changes.

20 games left in the season, 7 points off the play offs with a game in hand.

No one can tell me Brian Dutton was the best man for the job in that situation.

The people running this club are deluded - or just incompetent.

If Mr Pomlett is going to come on to social media in his videos and accuse the fans of talking nonsense - then he’s got to walk the walk I’m afraid.

Not good enough.


Little reminder than in 05/06 (Merson relegation Season) we picked up 3 wins after Xmas.
We lost Leitao in the new year.
We replaced a clueless manager with a dummy stand in.
Hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself but parallels are uncanny.

And to be honest looks completely lost .

First touches are very poor by most of this team , Bates is very guilty of a heavy first touch and is always stretching to recover .

Osadebe is looking increasingly suspect , and would rather see Nolan get more of a look in as he looked much improved with the couple of games he had .

I am prepared to wait until the end of the season before I pass judgement on BD’s suitability to take us forward. The previous clown is entirely culpable for where we are now, his players and his approach to how the game should be played. I’ve seen enough to suggest a better style is developing and am prepared to wait it out. Selling two players to keep the club afloat is clearly a factor, but tonight at times we looked like a football team. Yes, we need to strengthen up front, but I’m hopeful things are looking up. We all need a win to give us hope and, dare I suggest, some perspective on the situation.


I’m enjoying the defeats more under Dutton if that’s any sort of endorsement.


I thought he’d had 3 games, but maybe I was hallucinating about one of them.

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