Brian Dutton

Can someone with some imagination turn this into a Brian Dutton chant please? Thanks in advance.

I think it’s harsh slagging Norman off.I think he has definitely been one of our better players this season. It sometimes is a bit annoying how some fans tend to single out players that are by no means the worst in the side…like Matt Richards and Richard Taundry amongst others that often picked up unwarranted abuse.


I could tell you what virtually every premier league team is playing this weekend and certainly their formation. Whether that changes in game is another thing but they all have a pretty set way of lining up to begin with.

Because even at the top level players need consistency. That is why it’s not basic and that is why Clarke’s way didn’t work.

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I bet you couldn’t.

Yep, nothing wrong with having the ability to change in game as sometimes it’s required. The problem under Clarke is that we had no actual defined way of playing so all of the changes, both tactically and personnel wise, just resulted in a big turgid mess of hoofball.

If you look at the 15/16 season, we were able to quite comfortably switch game to game between a 4-2-3-1 and a 5 at the back, because the fundamentals of how we played football didn’t actually change. No matter the system, all the players were coached in Smith’s identity and the formation itself wasn’t too much of an issue.

Unfortunately, we’ve wasted nearly two seasons now under Clarke and another major rebuild is on the cards in the Summer.

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If you say so. I mean, it’s not even impressive they all have set formations and players that play most games. That’s kinda my point :man_shrugging:

Yes I say so, you couldn’t so stop taking ■■■■.

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Haha ok mate :+1: it must be nice to ignore facts.

Fact is you’ve just said you could name every starting formation in the Prem, i said you couldn’t.

Your literally talking ■■■■ to form an argument as usual :upside_down_face:

I’m not singling him out - I think they’re all crap :joy:


One day, when I’ve told enough ■■■■ that turns out to be dead on, you’ll stop this :man_shrugging:It’s boring hearing this from you at this point only to be proved correct.

It’s not even worth entertaining it’s just weak, really weak, trolling. So if you say so :+1:

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You sound really really silly … almost childlike

Like I said :man_shrugging: If you say so. Just plain insults at this point it’s boring. Fed up of being reasonable only for you to fall back on this boring ■■■■.

No no no you’ve been doing this over past couple of days. Someone offers an opinion and no matter what it takes you argue that they are wrong.

It gets really really boring, and you just don’t like being told when you are taking rubbish. Your worse than my wife :woozy_face:

Arguing somebody is wrong is kind of what happens on a forum. I’m just bored of your insults and telling me I’m always wrong after like a year and a half of you doing only to be right :man_shrugging: She’s probably right too if you’re input here is anything to go on.

You haven’t been right about anything :joy::joy::joy: even those clowns on Facebook were telling us DC was crap.

Not 18 months ago when you were telling me I was delusional then. Not when I said at the time most of his signings don’t add up and you were telling me I was delusional then. Not when I said at the time you’ll never gel anything without playing a set style from almost day one and you told me I was delusional.

And now, even with the benefit of hindsight and having to back track on Clarke, you’re still trying to tell me his way works even after it has failed :joy:

Like, sure! Ok buddy! I’m delisional :+1: whatever you say.

You do realise he wasn’t sacked? In the Chairmen’s own words he was upset about it.

So what is it your are right about, I’m genuinely intrigued.

No I told you that changing formation is normal , and this is where it took me … ffs :face_with_thermometer:

What the ■■■■ has that got to do with anything he was still ■■■■■, and you’ve been saying so for months! :rofl:

Nah you’re right, I was wrong on all those things. All his signings and constant changes have worked one hundred percent. I’m not even arguing with you you just keep coming back so this is indeed where it’s lead you :man_shrugging: