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Bristol Rovers (H) 26th Dec, 3pm


Agree our recruitment and release of defenders over the past three years hasn’t been as ambitious as it should/could be.


Somebody wanted a goal back before half-time??? ** GOT IT**

1-2 now


And there we are…Josh Gordon!

Bristol Rovers picked up a couple of yellows aswell so game on I’d suggest.


Great finish


Will change the whole menality around the place and make Bristol R pretty nervous I’d suggest.

Great time to score although goal right on half time didn’t help much on Saturday!


Both sides are poor. Bristol Rovers are crap too.

We can win this.


That was very poor 45 minutes. Half of the team should stay in the dressing room, so next 45 mins should be, and will be, better. Cause they can’t play two bad halves. After few harsh words from the gaffer.


Agreed - they look ■■■■, however, giving them a 2 goal lead ain’t good and they could well score again.

From the games I’ve seen this season, we seem to defend worse at home than we do away. Wycombe and Burton spring to mind.


Just said on the BBC we have won only once in the last eight didnt think was that bad lol must win today !


Luton 2 up at Scunny.

Need to get something out of today with Luton and Charlton up after.


No move by Dean Keates for any substitutions to start the 2nd half.

Barnsley 2 Peterborough Utd 0 (48 min)

Oh dear … it looks like 1-3 now ….


Devlin and Leahy combine to cause he third goal.

■■■■■■■ ■■■■.




Two or three times since the break they have waltzed through the defence. They almost scored from a corner a few minutes ago as well due to pub defending.


Looks like Edwards and Ferrier are coming on


Coventry City 1 Charlton Athletic 1 which puts us temporarily back in the top half


I hope people can wake up and smell the coffee after this.

They might tweet people a bit, but they’re dreadful.

The rest of the team has been crap too - but this isnyet more evidence to points I have been making constantly.


Morgan Ferrier replaces Josh Gordon, 59 minutes.

And Joe Edwards on for Zeli Ismail at the same time


In some ways this is worse than Bradford for me.

So frustrating after a really good game on Saturday.

Reality is mid table squads will always be up and down in performances and results.


Walsall yellow card, 70 min (Leahy)