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Bristol Rovers (H) 26th Dec, 3pm


In this set up Zeli Ismail has to do much more, was he signed on a 2 year deal by any chance?:thinking:


Walsall’s 3rd substitution, 77 minutes … Ronan replaces Kieron Morris

Oxford Utd 0 Southend Utd 1 (we are pushed down to the bottom half of the table)


Not surprised to see the usual suspects being blamed (Despite Roberts being at fault for the first, for example)

The defending (of the team) is not good enough and results like this allow the sensationalists to play the same old records. Relegation, full backs, Keates.



From what I have, one year, second if club agrees to extend.


Ah right, get rid in the summer then.


cov score on 89 mins 14th and dropping :angry:


No sensationalists on here, just realists…
You are REALLY happy with this result then? What sort of result would make you wake up and smell the coffee?
These players are making us embarrassed, if you are not, then you have a very thick skin indeed.


Best team won. They defended well second half and really wanted those 3 points.

We were pretty ■■■■.


Nope where did I say I was happy with that result? It’s terrible. It’s the same INCONSISTENCY we have been throwing out all season. Beating decent teams like Wimbledon and Cov then losing to ■■■■ teams like Bradford and Rovers. That realistic enough for you?

Results where we are not mid table afte half the season the exact same point diff from the play offs to the relegation zone.


Pathetic performance and result considering the next two opponents.


We agree on somat then!
And, we all know which direction we are heading.
All getting a bit similar, year on year.


Firstly, the performance was so bad from both teams. Genuinely seemed like a non league game.

First goal Roberts too slow and not brave enough to go for an easy ball from a set piece, and too slow to react to the follow up cross.

Second goal devlin gets cut to pieces, allows their winger to cross twice. Third we just let them walk through us.

Hard to say what the exact problem was, seemed like the 11 was made up of players who never played together.

Tactics baffling, the wingers were so tucked in and forward it was like we had a front 4 when we had possession, leaving the fullbacks to create magic out of nowhere against two defenders. We got no use out of cookie (who did what he could) because we couldn’t get a cross in.

Word on the opposition: they were shocking and somehow we were worse. Reinforcements needed in jan for sure.


Ok, too much pudding. Plus two wingers missing, skipper unfit probably, no service to front line, but defensive one with all that known holes. I would name it preparations for Bolton game. Some fog of war to confuse opponent. If not, well, loans (one-two) should be imminent, to avoid relegation.


At this rate of points scoring we should just about get to the 50 point mark with a game to spare. How depressing considering how much hope there was in September.


We would have to escape with points, because our appalling minus goal difference is an embarrassment!


I think my maths must be going. Could swear we have played half our games and had 31 points.

Meaning the same rate would be 62? Well above the 50 point mark.


Roberts. Could have done better
Guthrie. Needs an experienced head alongside him
Fitzwater. Far below his usual standard
Devlin. Exposed. Poor passing
Leahy. Simply awful
Dobson. Not good enough
Morris. Just typical Morris
Kinsella. Not the answer in central midfield
Ismail. Dosnt use his talent. Dosnt beat his man. Just dosnt get involved enough. Needs to go
Gordon. Good finish
Cook. Tried but starved of service

Edwards. We need him fully fit asap
Ferrier. Covered alot of ground and whilst nothing came off for him. Not one to criticise.

Shockimng performance and it seemed the players were just not bothered.


Thank ■■■■ I chose family over this rubbish.

I’m writing off this season now.

See ya next season lads :+1:t2: 2 transfer windows for Keates by then so should have something resembling a decent team.

Thanks for saving me a ■■■■ load of money.


Our defence doesn’t help itself in clearing from the back. In the second half they were all guilty of taking far too long and too many touches to move the ball forward. Rovers players were chasing down and more often than not forcing an error or getting the ball off us. Basic stuff surely?


Isn’t it about time we started questioning Keates’s role in these yo-yo results?It’s all very well Keates keep saying “this is not acceptable” or “the player have got to learn from this performance” or “the players have got to man up”.How about asking Keates and his massive team of trainers,physio’s,etc,etc,etc…Are you sure you are doing your jobs right…is there a chance that you have run out of ideas,or how come the team are so inconsistent?I don’t think the whole answer will come with a loan signing or 2 in January.