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Bristol Rovers (H) 26th Dec, 3pm


Full backs are crap mate


Only the 4th game I’ve made this season and as bad as anything I saw under Whitney.

Did we have a genuine chance second half? Did the wingers put in a single cross? How did Dobson get man of the match? Why did we end up with four central midfielders on the pitch?

Really really poor.


Well he’s using a team that was odds on for relegation at the start of the season so until he’s under achieving he gets the benefit of the doubt from me.

Or do people genuinely believe we SHOULD be challenging for play offs this season? After all that is the next step up from mid table team which we are.


They weren’t against Cov and the weekend? Or most of the rest of the season.

They are inconsistent. Just like the rest of the team. And the opinion swings to blaming them every time we lose instead of looking at the whole picture.


That was awful. Really awful.

We didn’t want it, didn’t play as a team, played as strangers. Do we actually train together?


The main problem in the team is the defending, but it’s not just the defenders to blame. We have to defend as a team: the midfield has to support the defence. The wide-players have to work with the full-backs to stop crosses - it’s not solely Leahy and Devlin’s fault. We are also very inconsistent and too many players are underperforming: Ismail can look a class player on his day but too often he is ineffective and peripheral. Morris is another one who flatters to deceive. We are crying out for some quality but I suppose at our level you get what you pay for.


How did dobbo get man of the match.he was one of the worst.kimsella was m.o


Ismail never has his day. Hes always completely anonymous, ineffective and not involved in the game. Really poor signing


Couldn’t agree more, all the talk about Ferrier and his attitude, just take one look at how half-arsed Ismail is. I would quite happily not see him in a shirt again.


We got off to a flyer which surprised us all, however, we have been found out and we don’t have a creative player like we did last season who coild turn a game the way Oztumer could.

Teams target the flanks and whip balls into the 5-10 yard area which is where so many of the goals conceded have been scored.


Don’t know why no one is mentioning Keates. Yes individual mistakes caused the the first two, but the way we set up to attack was awful. A striker who is pretty one dimensional but thrives off crosses, and yet the wingers are instructed to tuck in leaving us with no width. It’s a recipe for disaster.


That was pathetic and what ■■■■■ me off even more is the club being money grabbing bastards and charged me my wife and kids even more money when funds are low at Christmas .catergory A game my arse. They even shut early on Xmas eve and said on website they were still open.so had to pay more on the day . Disgusted with the club and players after today .Iam so ■■■■■■ off after today . I already have 6 tickets for the Bolton game( But I won’t be getting 6 for the Luton game ):triumph:


Apart from the odd good match now and again the club is dying on its arse. Even when we do get something to celebrate they dish out banning orders for going slightly over the top and venturing onto pitch. I remember my first 10 years supporting Walsall, 3 promotions, 2 relegations and the odd cup run for good measure. What has any young Walsall supporter had to shout about if they began watching us 10 years ago. No wonder they get dissallusioned and don’t come back!


Suffice to say at the moment, that the performance was laughably bad.

However, how anyone can single out two players and blame them is ridiculous. The entire team was poorly organised and seemed lethargic. The attack ran around a bit and had limited service, but the rest of the team was very poor indeed.

Keates got it wrong today and can’t have another outburst as that is only a one-time shot.

Poor. Bloody poor. Rovers were rubbish too.


To Bristol Rovers

Players,fans and staff

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

I’m sure we’ve done more than enough already but if we could make your holiday programme any easier please do let us know.

Please take all three points with our compliments as we gifted Bradford with three points and four goals and Christmas is all about sharing after all

Hugs and kisses

Dean ,my new lover boy Jeff and the so called players of Walsall F.C. xxx


He’s said the team are in a relegation battle now!


Does that count as an outburst? I mean isn’t that what most people are pretending on here?


Absolute shambles! Pathetic. Clueless. ETC ETC.

Are they in for training tomorrow? If was gaffer they’d be in for a full day tomorrow and be worked as hard a ■■■■!

Too much time spent on social media pretending to us fans they love the club and too little effort on the pitch come match day.


I presume they misheard and thought they had to pick the worst player on the pitch. Not much I can add to what has been said but to echo what a collectively dreadful performance that was. Hopefully we can regroup for Saturday - if we play like that it may be a cricket score.


I’d rather they had a recovery day with a tough game coming up on Saturday personally.

Wouldn’t hurt to watch the game back though and figure out a way to beat Luton.