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Bristol Rovers (H) 26th Dec, 3pm


The whole season has been whack-a-mole. One problem is seemingly solved, only for another one that looked solved to reappear. Wouldn’t be too much of a worry in a transitional season if there was some sign of an underlying gradual progress. I don’t think anyone is seeing that,and really by halfway ,there should be some signs of it. January will be a very important window.


Truly woeful performance today.

Started sluggishly and never recovered . Seemed 2nd to everything .

No energy , desire , passion and no pace or creativity .

Struggled to see the plan either.

Too many players look below the standard required . Wouldn’t give ANY more then 4/10 today and you get 2 marks for putting your shirt on the right way round .


lets not blame them for everything as it’s a team game you say then you follow it up with they won us 4 points recently. It’s a team game remember or does that not count in this case


The writing was on the wall after 5 mins and if we can see it as fans why can’t the manager and the coaching team, Morris and Ishmael were played as wingers in a 442 formation why were both of them drifting infield leaving 2 already mediocre full backs exposed… what happens then is the 2 full backs go bombing on down the flanks and there’s no one there to tuck in to cover them meaning opposing managers who have done their homework on us simply tell their players to get it wide as quick as they can.
This is basic football and they’re not doing the basics right and when a team of majority average players don’t do the basics rights your in big trouble, get it put right on the training ground and learn to keep the bloody shape in the team when defending.


There’s a difference between crediting them with one or two goals and blaming them for every single one we concede. It’s not hard.

If I’d credited them for all 31 points we’ve won you’d have a point.


they didn’t win the 4 points on ther own


The only positive thing Dean Keates has contributed this season has been to sign a shirt. He is a Walsall legend - FACT but he is not the manager that people both believe and believed. The team defensively is worse than that under Whitney despite the apparent ‘promise’ that Keats teams are built on a solid defence, I see no evidence of that. Inconsistent performances, confusing team selections, formations and a lack of tactical plans indicate that he is either another poor manager or if I am being kind a young inexperienced manager finding his way along a rather tortuous route to become a success? SMITHOUT was given four and a half years, Whitney two years; how long for Keats? Does he survive at the club because the only criteria that matters is that he satisfies Bonser’s own selfish motives alluded to by Geordie above or is he another Ray Graydon, someone who can assemble a team of misfits and free transfer rejects into some sort of coherent unit leading to some modest level of success. I’m inclined to side with Geordie and back the former.


That’s why he left Twitter…


I dont think its unfair to single out ismail. Hes appears, sluggish, lazy and looking like someone who just dosnt give a ■■■■. Clearly comes with a very bad attitude. Please dont let him pull off a walsall fc shirt again


Tried my hardest to be positive this season . But it always 1 step forward 2 steps back now . It’s so frustrating. And as for Ismail his heart is obviously not in it don’t think it will be for whatever team he plays for (what a waste of a talent who with the right attitude the world is his oyster) GET RID OR SORT YOUR CAREER OUT . ( take a look at my kids in the photo Ismail they idolise you and you can’t be arsed ) shame on you. ( I PAY MY MONEY I HAVE MY VOICE)


Boxing Day cheer for overseas…


Swifty is stunned by the defending for the first goal…





He looks quite crestfallen.


Didn’t they? I suppose Roberts helped a little bit to be fair.


He did have a birds-eye view of the incident…


Well they helped lose us 3 today with their ■■■■■ defending


Yes. I don’t believe I denied that.

Just pointed out so was everybody else.


Don’t forget the aimless hoof balls forward from the defence - the team has no footballing identity.


They looked as though Deano had given them no instructions at all today . Terrible the management and players are at fault. Can take defeat as long as we put effort in and have a go . I need to see progress and we are not . Let’s hope deano makes the right decisions in the January transfer window or he will start to feel the pressure that’s for sure.