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Bristol Rovers (H) 26th Dec, 3pm


Oh, I suppose instruction was clear. Pass the ball to wingers, they will make something, cross or shoot or whatever. Sadly, one gone, second looked uninterested what’s happening around him. I know, two goals in first 10 minutes can be hard to take. But that’s not excuse not to try.


Their third was the story of yesterday rolled into one 5 second clip. It’s increasingly becoming the story of the season.


Should I stay or should I go. My predictions of what deano will be thinking

Roberts keep
Dobson keep
Ferrier keep
Cook keep. Good no.9
Guthrie keep but as back up
Fitzwater gone anyway
Martin go
Ismail go preferably in Jan
Ginnelly. Gone anyway
Leahy go. Leaves us too exposed
Devlin go. Same as leahy.
Gordon. Keep
Kinsella keep
Chambers go
Morris keep but only offer 1 yr
Edwards. Keep
Ronan. Go. Been disappointing
The other west brom loanee. Need a lift.back. to smethwick. I think plenty of offers there



In my opinion,consistent poor play is down to the inividual players. Whereas inconsistent team performances are down to poor team selection,poor motivation and poor tactics.And that,no matter how many times Keates comes out with his headlines in the Express & Dingle, the fact is,Keates has a large backroom/coaching staff (too large in my opinion).The team are so inconsistent I really do struggle to see any influence motivational,tactical or otherwise Keates or his massive backroom staff have had on the team.I’m not saying Keates should go,far from it,but he has to stop blaming the players and take some responsibility himself.


It was hard to swallow!


The wingers weren’t never where they should have been thou they were both inside playing in the centre the pair of clowns.


Too large? It’s tiny compared to most of the teams in football these days. In fact it’s small compared to some of the teams in this same league.

One question, before the season began where did you think we’d finish?


Following Keates’s instructions?


Good question EN.

When we signed a flurry of players just before kick off, I was optimistic enough to take £25 a point on the spreads at 55 as I thought we would finish around 10-14th and therefore some profit. I have let the bet stand all season, even when it rose to 65 points (£250 profit) I let it run on, rather than take the profit.

The worry now is that we are on a major slide towards the wrong end of the table and I will be delighted if we finish in the top 16.


I’d suggest you were in the minority on that bet that could quite easily still be a winner at the end of the season. The bookies tipped us quite heavily for relegation themselves.

Can’t be doing too bad a job then.


I am generally glass half full and always try to find a value bet on Walsall, which this season there was. As you say, the bookies had us as relegation favourites. Having said that, I am now less optimistic as the early promise has dissipated and our results and performances in the league are going the wrong way as we come into the second half of the season.

A side effect of this slump may be the ability to attract the right players in January.


You can keep banging on about you low expectations for the season el_nombre….I probably didn’t have very high expectations myself,but the inconsistency that is crushing the hopes of the fans that the team would gradually knit together and improve during the length of a season then make a push next season.Keates has gone down the road of criticising the players rather than manning up himself,and admitting that at least 50% is down to him and his backroom staff.


Why? Because it doesn’t fit your narrative?

Keates and the team are doing better than almost everybody expected and some people are trying to paint it as a disaster.

Despite being slap bang middle of the table and the middle of the season.

You talk about “crushing hopes”, you just said (rather vaguely) you didn’t have high hopes before this season. So why are they crushing your hopes?


You don’t really need me to tell you why they have crushed my hopes,I thought I had explained that anyway.Just look at the attendance figures,that says more than a thousand words will…:wink:


Oh yeah the attendance figures are all on Keates. And Whitney. And the full backs.


They are much more accurate than player ratings.


Course they are. Attendance figures have nothing to do with issues with the club and how it is run.

It’s all on the team that are mid table like we always are.


We simply cannot defend for toffee. Haven’t been able to for years.

Assuming our playing budget is one of the lowest in the division, we are never going to be able to attract the type of player we need to improve, sadly. So unless Kory Roberts turns out to be the next Des Walker we are stuck with winning a few and losing a few.

Same old story, that half a million Bonser trousers every season would give us a rock solid defence and chance at the play offs or better.


You take happy clapping to a new level el_nombre….really pleased you are enjoying your football so much…:smile:


Where the ■■■■ have I said I enjoyed yesterday’s performance?