Bristol Rovers Leaked WhatsApp

I know this isn’t strictly “All About Walsall” and is still rumoured rather than confirmed, but there has been a leaked WhatsApp voice message that appears to be of Alex Rodman, the Bristol Rovers PFA representative, to the rest of the squad detailing what the Football League are proposing to do with football going forward.

Here’s the link if anyone wants to have a listen:

The main point for me was that there will be no relegations, with three clubs going up based on “Football Merit”. The following season six clubs will be relegated. Crazy!


Hope he doesn’t get into trouble for this. Sounds a top bloke.


Looking at fans going back Jan 2021 unless a cure is found! I wonder if the season would start then or August behind closed doors?

And bl##dy Bolton would escape relegation.

Bristol Rovers are said to be furious at the leak so I would assume it’s legit and I’m glad we’re beginning to get somewhere.
For too long now during this pandemic it has seemed as though football sees itself above all else.

If it was up to me I’d call the rest of it off and base the lot on PPG. Some won’t be happy but for me it’s the fairest way. With so many games played if you just null and void it then you’re favouring the team who’s had a shocking season, saving them from relegation, whilst punishing those who have had a good season and are top of the league who don’t get promotion.
Not surprised that they’ll take the option of promotions and no relegations though, it’s the easier option which will see less backlash from clubs.


Perhaps clubs who have had points deductions should have them carried over to the new season.


Agree with PPG. If this is the way it’s going I hope the league take the opportunity to level up the division numbers (back to 24 in League 1) and facilitate at least one promotion from Level 5.

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If the season is cancelled would their points deduction be carried forward?