Bristol Rovers New Manager Search

Poor old Ray, it was his dream job but he took over at the worst possible time. He was always on a hiding to nowt. I think he kept them up against the odds the one season didn’t he?

Even if he did go back I don’t think many would lose any sleep.

I still believe he’s the man to turn us around but his first five months have been meh.


It would be a good way out for us too,we wouldn’t have to pay them any compensation,but Bristol rovers would have to pay us some money.


Mansfield have sacked John Dempster as well.

“BBC Radio Bristol reports that Mansfield have had an approach for Bristol Rovers manager Graham Coughlin turned down by the League One club.”…:thinking:

Might not mean too much in itself. Approach/ refusal are nearly always the first two steps in the process. If he really wants to go there, and Mansfield really want him, they’ll find a way.

I don’t understand why he would want to leave a club high up in League 1 to go to an average League 2 side,who with all the money they spent in the close season are living way above their means,and could possibly be the next Bury.

Nor me. But if both parties want it to happen, I suspect it will.


Who cares who Rovers when we are in the mess we are?

I don’t mind driving Clarke back down to Bristol. Use the compo money to go and get Holloway.


Not yet pal not yet! 8-10 weeks from now well soon know if your needed on that lift tho!

I would take Whitney to replace Clarke any day, a manager that had us comfortably in mid-table in league one, versus one that can barely get us up to mid-table in league two :thinking:


Brizzle will take Holloway without doubt.
But I would drive Clarke and his backroom staff down there myself, I would even write up CV’s for them all and lay on an all expenses nosh fest to get their Directors to take him off our hands. We can but dream.

Can we put @MoreWFCVicar on suicide watch please :see_no_evil::wink:


Noooooooooooooooooooooo :nauseated_face::grimacing::scream::hear_no_evil:


I would be majorly pissed off if DC left now (personally don’t think he will) but he started this project so he should finish it. A bit like politics at the moment I am genuinely intrigued to see what the hell is going to happen. Plus would it be fair to lumber any new manager with the shower of shite he has assembled here as a team :smile:

I don’t see much chance of DC leaving an incomplete job to be honest. He doesn’t seem the type to desert a sinking ship.

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‘I’m not applying but here’s me saying I’d take it’ Holloway

Making himself favourite according to BV.

List of managers’ odds at the bottom of the article.