Broadway West

If you park on here for night games be careful , I,m told the red route times have been changed. Check it out . The retail park also seem to have upped the anti on parking, lots of new signage and cameras

I thought he was going to be our new striker!


100 league goals in two seasons… one of the National Independent Soccer Association’s finest

I normally park on Segundo Road near to where I once lived, but cheers for heads up.

Kanye West.

Sorry, wrong thread!

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That’s where I park mate up by the RAC if I can :+1:t2:

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And me, but i always try and get outside one of the gates by the factories, and i am always anxious walking back to the car wondering if it has been hit by a large lorry :joy:

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With the amount of smashed windows I have seen over the years this is why I put mine more slightly residential for the sake of a extra couple mins walk.


It don’t work very good anyway ,a good old lorry might do it the world of good

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That’s san’s car, and the tw** release button has been fixed now :grin: mine is a supercar :grin:
Anyway i will be changing it for a Mustang soon :wink:

Seen so many windows smashed by the RAC mate . Not as many as a few years ago though when there was a big thing of stealing car stereos.

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You could call it Mustang Sanny now baby :musical_note:


RAC best place to park. Restrictions not in effect at 3pm saturday or after 6 on weekday.

Is Morrison’s still restriction free? Most supermarkets near to grounds seem to have time limits on their car parks to prevent football fans using them but haven’t seen any when I’ve been there (perhaps some deal as part of selling them the Fellowship Park site?)

Don’t do that when you go to Oldham! The Council love matchdays, they get more income from matchday parking fines than they do from Council Tax!!

Is this a sign we need to go to Molineux to retrieve the freehold?

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:rofl: That is indeed Mordor, but I think it is a sign I need to doublecheck what my phone’s spellchecker has decided to change my correctly spleld words to before I press send. Strangely it always leave the incorrect ones as they are …

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In NZ almost all supermarket car parks have P120 signs.

I don’t think your are supposed too, but if your ever gonna get away with it, you probably will there.

Checked it out today, red route no waiting Monday - Friday 4 .00 -7-00 pm.
So we look ok for evenings. Retail park looks iffy though with all the signage and cameras.