Did you lodge a complaint?

He would be dammed if he did dammed if he didn’t


I bet he’s had e-gnaw-gh by now

I’m interested! (price dependent, naturally).

As an aside, I don’t understand the disliking of Errea kits. They do a job & seem quite smart.
I remember the joy from some when we had Nike kits, which turned out to be cheap generic tat.

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Yes here. Adidas logo?

Possibly, depends on price and size (womans)

I’ll probably take a couple :+1:t2:

Interested, but would like to see a photo of the replica first.


Yes I’d be interested in buying one


Really is an iconic shirt

Can you reproduce with the Adidas logo and 3 stripes without It being actual adidas though ? Copyright and all thst.

If it came as an adidas one, 100%

Yes please I’ll have one of these mate

I will def have one my fav top ever

Please note. These shirts are now available to. order. From. our online store. For a limited
Pre order timescale.

Use the link below. To secure yours


Yup i’ll havee one xxl please

Ordered :grinning:

I bet you only sell certain sizes. I dont think i know any Saddlers old enough to remember Buckley who would fit into a small or medium, or even a large :rofl:

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You are never a xxl pal . Have you checked the size. Guide on the site.

Those sizes are Actual. Pit to pit. Sizes mate and. Accurate

Been amazed at the response mate
Orders are coming in thick and fast. And it’s going to far exceed. Any other shirt we have. Done to date


Just ordered mine Olly

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