Build your Saddlers Team

Prior to the Grimsby game we had a bit of fun in the pub building our all time favourite team. Its very difficult when you try to put together “the best” players as that is so subjective. However, each of us have our favourites (for many different reasons).

So, for a bit of fun - lets have your favourites:

Here goes:

Gk: Jimmy Walker

LB: Gino Padula
CB: Ade Viveash
CB: Scott Dann
RB: Chris Marsh

LW: Jeff Peron
CM: Martin O’Connor
CM: Gabor Bukran
RW: Darren Wrack

ST: Andy Rammell
ST: Jorge Leitao

Gaffer: Ray Graydon

So many players to choose from. I wonder if many from the last 5 years would feature? :wink:





So many to chose from! That’s an off the top of my head 11.

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Jimmy Walker

Anthony Gerrard
Scott Dann
Andy Butler
Rico Henry

Erhun Oztumer
Romaine Sawyers
Paul Merson
Emmanuel Ledesma

Tom Bradshaw
Jorge Leitao

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Good call with Samways and Ritchie.

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That’s a cracking start to be fair and with Sir Ray managing them they would take some beating.

I’ll go with…

Gk: Jimmy Walker

LB: Dan Fox
CB: Adrian Viveash
CB: Scott Dann
RB: Wayne Evans

LW: Scott Houghton
CM: Martin O’Connor
CM: David Preece
RW: Darren Wrack

ST: Nicky Cross
ST: Kyle Lightbourne

Super Sub - David Kelly

Manger - Sir Ray.


I didn’t consider loan players.

Keates unlucky to miss out cos of 3 promotions with us.


Youve brought back some nemories there with David Preece and how could i forget Scott Houghton and Danny Fox.

Just with the few attempts so far, weve had some crackers over the years.

Right off the top of my head

GK: Mick Kearns

RB: Tony Macken
CB: Scott Dann
CB: Adrian Viveash
LB: Rico Henry

RM: Merson (for that early spell alone)
CM: Vinny Samways
CM: Romaine Sawyers
LM: David Preece

ST: Andy Rammell
ST: Alan Buckley

Gaffer: Sir Ray Graydon

I’m sure lots of different names will come into my head as I think about it! Ince, Bates, Peron, Leitao, Boli and Oztumer all worth a mention.

Oop, forgot to mention Jimmy Walker! Undoubtedly the most gifted goalkeeper we’ve had at Walsall and a real hero during our good times. He doesn’t make my “favourites” team because a) Mick is just a top fella and, along with Buckley, was my childhood hero, and b) maybe his return to Walsall and then some of his subsequent mutterings don’t endear me to him as much as a character, although that will never diminish what he did as our goalie.

Edit: See, I knew I’d think of more! Honourable mentions to Trevor Christie, Willie Naughton, Nicky Cross, George Andrews, Roger Hynd, Stan Bennett, Colin Harrison, Colin Taylor, Bob Wesson, Mark Wallington, Gary Childs, Craig Shakespeare, Richard O’Kelly, Peter Hart, Colin Brazier, Ron Green, Bobby Shinton, Mark Rees, Ian Handysides, Steve Corica, Simon Osborn, Darren Bradley, Tony Barras, Junior, Tom Bradshaw, Adam Chambers and more, I’m sure.


GK - Jimmy Walker

RB - Jason Demetriou
CB - Adrian Viveash
CB - Paul Ritchie
LB - Neil Pointon or Rico Henry

CM - Martin O’Connor
RCM - Vinny Samways
LCM - Jeff Peron

CAM - Paul Merson

ST - Kyle Lightbourne
ST - Jorge Leitao

Manager - Sir Ray Graydon

Gk J Walker

Chris marsh
Anthony Gerrard
Scott Dann
Zigor aranalde

Martin O’Connor
Pedro matias
D Wrack
D preece

A Buckley
D Kelly

Not sure if they’d all fit in but seems like a good team to me


GK - Walker

RB - Demetriou
CB - Dann
CB - Butler (close call with Ritchie who was class, but chose Butler due to his consistency over a number of seasons)
LB - Rico

RM - Wrack
CM - Samways
CM - Sawyers
LM - Oztumer

ST - Bradshaw
ST - Leitao

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Really have to go trawling back a bit don’t we to find some decent players🤔

Oooh, Shakespeare. Good call there.

… and not forgetting Kevin Wilson too.

That looks like a storming side does that.

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Not tempted to put Kinsella and Comley as holding mids? Surely every Walsall legends team needs Comsella in it.

GK. Phil Parkes

RB Chris Marsh
CB Adrian Viveash
CB Albert Macpherson
LB Rico Henry

RW Darren Wrack
CM Vinnie Samways
CM David Preece
LW. Colin Taylor

St. Tony Richards
St George Leitao

SUBS. Jimmy Walker, Scott Dann, Zigor Aranalde, Martin O’Connor, Andy Rammell , Alan Buckley, Willie Naughton and two dozen others!!!

Manager Colin Lee

What a difficult task…I think there are maybe ten teams I could pick before naming a recent player but the game today doesn’t allow for long term players who could become real heroes !!!


This thread could also be called," Tell us how old you are without saying your age."


This is my personal favourites team covering 1998 to present:





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That team would take some beating love you blend of old a recent .lucky man to have seen both .

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Jimmy Walker

Darren Bazeley
Paul Ritchie
Scott Dann
Ian Roper
Zigor Aranalde