Build your Saddlers Team

Manager Dicky Dosh

GK Jimmy Walker

LB Colin Gibson
CB Paul Ritchie
CB Adi Viveash
RB Darren Bazeley

DM Gabor Bukran

CM Vinny Samways
CM Paul Merson

LF Jeff Peron
CF Kyle Lightbourne
RF Jorge Leitao

Honourable mentions too
Dean Keates, Kevin Wilson , Gino Padula , Zigor Aranalde , Martin O’Connor

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I could pick a handful of decent players that’s about it

1 think the glaring difference between the two eras was the 1960s Teams and later ,we competed for and had top quality players of that time and level ,and lots of players moved on to a higher level .after the Smith era for me it’s been the opposite .poor quality not good enough for levels we’ve played at .few players moving on to higher grade .hence the decline.I do hope we’re going to see a reversal of that as regards player quality.I know we need to be realistic but the bottom line is fans deserve a team that can compete.that will be enough for most .then we can hope the rest promotion can happen .

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Blimey, Forbes yes. Another one i forgot. Bringing back some great memories is this :+1:

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Oh yes. Solid at the back. Tough midfield with creativity and goals galore up top. If only …

Have a go here:

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God knows what he would have been worth in today’s market. I know he was our leading scorer four maybe five seasons on the trot but it was in the days of the wage cap.
You are right though two seasons and someone these days would take him.
I think Colin Taylor joined Walsall in my first season (58/59.

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Jimmy Walker
Gino pedula
Andy Butler
Ada Vivash
Chris Marsh
Jeff Peron
Gabby Bukran
Darren Wrack
Andy Rammel
Jorge Leitoa

Subs: Fred Barber, Dean Keates, Mark Rees, Alan Buckley, Kenny Mower, Ian Roper, Jonny Keister

Manager: Sir Ray Graydon

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What formation you playing there @Locky ? :thinking:

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Lets stick them in a 4-4-2 but don’t really care just trying to stick my fav players on the field.

Has helped me realise there are the following things that can make me like a player and connect with them.

Tough and/or uncompromising
Talented Flair
Mad as a Hatter but effective
Committed, willing to run themselves into the ground and die for the team

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I remember Jorge’s last game. We knew it was his last game and he was subbed near the end so he and we could say good bye. Jorge in tears, fans in tears, been a long time since we’ve had that sort of connection with a player.


Why have you chosen a woman in your team :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Jason McCarthy deserves a mention. Really liked him and suprised he hasn’t gone further than league one.


We only need 10 men…good to see you think it could win with just 10 players. I expect it was Keister who would have been sent off :wink:

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Oh yeh, :rofl: would defo have been pysco Jonny Keister that had benn sent off out of that lot. Guess we can stick Keats in there then and put either Goodman or tony Barras on the bench or maybe Brian Caswell or stringer

Thats why I was asking about your formation @Locky :rofl::rofl:

:rofl: yeh got that now. I blame the OP of this thread who made me start drinking pints with double whisky chasers from 10:30 saturday morning till 10:30 Saturday night only stopping for the game. Don’t think I’ve sobbered up yet.:crazy_face::grin:



It was indeed a hefty session :crazy_face:

With things like this I always wonder where players like Ian Paul would rank if circumstances in this case illness hadn’t robbed us of a talent

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Macken was a legend but he couldn’t trap a pig in an alley