Burton Albion away a real local derby


After the poor games we have had to put up with lately what a refreshing change saturday was .

Cook sent off , and one nil down i feared the very worst , but what a battling display , very similar to our early games where defenders were defending like their lives depended on it everyone putting in a shift .

Jarvis , and Gordan could hardly walk off the pitch they were that spent …all of them .

A proper " TEAM " performance , and they will need to produce that each , and every game now to keep us up , and with the help of the fans support lets do our best to push them over the line.

People say you can’t get an atmosphere at home anymore , but at times everyone was joining in , and producing some real noise .

So it will be great if everyone goes along to one of our genuine local derbies , and we sell out of our allocation , and make a proper noise at Burton , and show the team we’re right behind them , and show Burton how we used to support our team away from home .


It would be great to get a good following there. We sold out the 1800 last time but it was the nearly season and a new ground for most. 1200+ would be a good effort in the circumstances.


I reckon we’ll at least sell all our terrace tickets, because fans love an away day terrace with the better atmosphere that goes with it.


The Last Heretic micro pub in Burton is good for a pint, just turn right out of the station, about 100 metres down the road.


Ive certainly been inspired to attend this - making the trip from Cardiff.


Just ordered my ticket from the Walsall ticket office. Hopefully it will arrive before Saturday.
About a 2 hour drive for me from rural Cambridgeshire.
Let’s hope we perform like we did against Bradford.


I booked yesterday morning and the tickets have arrived today.


After Saturday’s performance second half I am a believer again. If we can win without Cookie and ten men it shows what hard work and grit and bodies online can achieve.
If it’s part of the MOC effect that’s good.
Burton had 2600 last Saturday with the fishing fleet in town.
It’s a real opportunity to make some noise.


See you somewhere on the A14 :slightly_smiling_face:


Wish I could be at this one but can’t due to other commitments but hope we take a good following, should be aiming for 1000+ as it’s only 40 mins up the road UTS


Why not just go on a brewery tour (there’s enough of them in Burton)…you get free samples at the end of it…:wink:


We are we going on a coach …:beer::beer::crazy_face:


buzzing for this one, roll on saturday, bought 4 standing tickets earlier from our NEW allocation, any one have any idea how many we’ve sold so far?


Only 30 mins from my house to burton, can’t wait for this, I see this as a local derby, be nice to get The terrace rocking with a full allocation. Looks like we will be parking at the beech pub nice and easy to get away afterwards.


The first allocation was 600 so looking promising that there might be quite a few there. Hopefully generate a good atmosphere on the terrace and spur the lads on to a 14-0 victory. Osbourne hatrick.


■■■■ me I’ll have what you’re drinking …:rofl:


Too late, the men in white coats have already collected him😏


Going with quite a few mates very early. We get on the train at 8am. Breakfast and a pint in Burton for half 9. Proper away day.


Welsh water!!


Ticket arrived this morning! :grinning:
My thanks to the ticket office staff! Very efficient.:clap: