Burton Albion away a real local derby


Got my tickets today for me and my boy on the terrace . A new experience for him as it’s his first game where he will be standing instead of sitting . Both looking forward to this one . UTS


Would be great to bring 3 points home . This will be a tough game though so as long as the lads put the same effort in as they did against Bradford hopefully I will go home happy , with at least a point . UTS


He’ll love it Gav… proper football experience and one he won’t forget. About time he saw us win away :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Pity you cant take Little Jimmy’s stool ( ex legendary saddlers fan from fellows park ) in with you for Mark to get a good vantage spot.


Don’t worry he will be crawling up my back and onto my shoulders if he can’t see . sure of that :joy:


How come there’s only you and Mark going…The girls losing interest Gav?


Costs me A small fortune to take them all with tickets , food and drink etc. Just me and the boy for this one.


Just bought 6 tickets. I haven’t been to many away matches this season so looking forward to this. I know quite a few who haven’t bought tickets yet but intend to go. Should be a really good following.


Over 800 tickets sold already. Anyone know if it’s pay on the gate too?


Another 4 just gone. Should be well over 1000 travelling for this.


1500 can make a lot of noise in a tight little ground like the pirreli . Great if we can get that many supporters making the short journey UTS.


I’m sure we’ll play our part in securing 3 points


Does anyone know how many tickets we’ve sold yet ?


As of yesterday afternoon of the 800 tickets received from Burton we had sold all but 80 seating tickets.
A further 200 standing tickets were due to arrive at the Banks’s today.


Sorry if this has been answered already but is it pay on the day too?


The east terrace holds 1,400 so I would imagine so.


Would be a great atmosphere if we could sell out


Yes it is providing we don’t sell out


Just had a look on burton website ( cuz u won’t find any information on ours) Walsall fans can pay cash at the turnstiles .


Just decided to go with my Father-in-law and we’d want to sit. Looks like I can book the tickets through our website but how would I get them? I signed up and tried to purchase them through Burton’s site and because they see me as a newly registered home supporter it states ‘This is a restricted fixture and currently you do not qualify to purchase tickets.’ Suppose I’ll have to give Burton a call in the morning.

Edit: I’m living in Chesterfield and wouldn’t be able to pick the tickets up from Walsall tomorrow and I’m assuming the seating will sell out not allowing us to pay on the day.