Burton Albion away a real local derby


I would think they will be sent to Burton for collection. It would be nice if our club could make this clear online but that’s probably too much to expect from them.

I’d give our ticket office a call tomorrow morning. :+1:


Phone them up - staff in the ticket office are usually fairly accommodating where they can be. Online is no longer showing with postage available as it wouldn’t have processed in time apparently (what they told me when I queried this last weekend)


Thanks both, I’ll give them a call in the morning, hope there’s some seats left. Do you know how many seats we are allocated?


https://www.footballgroundguide.com/leagues/england/league-one/pirelli-stadium-burton-albion.html#awhat-is-it-like-for-away-supporters suggests 400 are seated tickets are available. If
problematic with the ticket office ask for Laura Greenhouse - ticket office manager - very friendly and helpful.


Ask them to send them to Burton and you can collect from their ticket office. We’ve done this for the last few away games :+1:


Surprised seating is possibly still available, that sold out very quickly in 2016 so got a spot in the corner on the terrace.

Burton is quite a nice away day, prefer it to Vale and Crewe although probably in minority on that one.


A visit to East Staffs instead of those Stokeshire ( vile & crew ) :grinning: any day of the week mate.


Called the Burton ticket office this morning to see if I could buy the tickets from them and collect tomorrow and they said I’d have to call Walsall ticket office and they should bring the tickets with the coach. Burton ticket office opens at 8:30 and I called them at 8:35, they answered straight away, were very pleasant and helpful. Our ticket office opens at 9:15 and I called at 9:25. I’m greeted with a ‘we are currently busy’ message and put on hold. Then a second message to basically say ‘no one here, call back later’. I know its not a huge problem and I’ll keep trying and will eventually get through but its so annoying especially after the easy pleasant call to burton’s ticket office :roll_eyes:


1st day of early bird sales plus the Burton game tomorrow makes this a very busy day for the ticket office.


I thought that after posting. I’m a bit of a grumpy sod today.

EDIT: All sorted now, got 2 seats and the tickets can be collected from the Burton ticket office. I take it all back, the lady on the phone was very pleasant and helpful.


Always are when you get through to them. I’ve had somewhat irksome experiences of ‘please hold’ or being transferred to the main reception who can’t help or being promised a callback. Afraid it all stems from the top - not enough resources! See you at Burton.


It’s about 45 minutes from here in Chesterfield and this will be my first visit to the Pirelli. Although I virtually pass the stadium on the A38 every week I have no idea what the surrounding area is like for parking. Any recommendations for parking cheaply or free? Thanks.

This is now probably my closest Walsall game to get to since Chesterfield went down. Was well annoyed when they got relegated as that game was within 10 minutes and made for a good day out. Hopefully Mansfield will get promoted and we survive, that will be another new ground for me and its only 25 minutes away.


There is a large car park at the ground which costs £5, however, this gets full pretty quickly. Car parking is also available at the Ryknild Trading Estate (also costing £5), just off the roundabout right by the stadium. Also nearby is the Eton Park Junior School (Masefield Crescent - DE14 2SG) which offers parking at £4 per car. The Beech Inn on the Derby Road (which is the main pub for away fans) also offers parking at £5. Whilst behind the Beech Inn is the Pirelli Factory Car Park which is available to fans for weekend fixtures only at a cost of £3 per car.



Plenty of options there. Thanks for that mate, much appreciated.


Most welcome


Well does anyone know how many of us there will be tomorrow ?

Absolutely buzzing for the atmosphere i know will be there to hopefully force a result for the Saddlers
Early start tomorrow , Wetherspoons for a breakfast , solids and liquids.:beer::fork_and_knife:

Then a few drinks on the way down i believe , a good day for all :crazy_face:

See you all there UTS


Club posted on Twitter earlier we’d sold over 1,000 tickets and that you can still buy on the day


will be easily 1200 there tomorrow


Yep. Just over 1,000 Sold. Think all the seats have gone so still between six hundred and seven hundred terrace places left for pay on day. We won’t fill it but a good 1,200 or so which is phenomenal given how bad we have been and the fact many will have done Blackpool and Coventry in last few weeks.


A boisterous away following could be the difference between 1 and 3 points. Here’s hoping anyway.