Burton Albion (H) Nov 3rd, 3pm


I disagree Shrewsbury. It was all down to


Of Coors it was


A victory over them tomorrow will be a real tonic


Hope we do these…

The pain of 15/16 is still very much in tact


Leaving puns aside and jumping on the other bandwagon…
I can’t come tomorrow either as I am still on my recovery from a herniated disc.
Hoping to limp along to Coventry, provided I can park within 50yds of my seat!


Try the Heineken when you get there …refreshes the part’s other beer’s cannot reach


strange team Burton i would be happy with a draw from this 1-1 Ferrier


Might have a chance today as they are probably still drunk on success from beating forest!


Heard Nigel Clough on the radio 5 this morning-recorded from Weds/Thurs. He said they were not going to train and would be lucky to get a five a side team together. Didn’t sound enthusiastic at all. Got the impression he have had your hand off for a postponement.




Weather forecast suggests there could be a bitter draught at the game today!!!


Leaving your coat and gloves at home could be whiskey business…


First trip to Bescot since last October for me today.

3-1 win… Ferrier, Martin and Dobson

  • 1Roberts
  • 28Wilson
  • 34Martin
  • 5Guthrie
  • 3Leahy
  • 30Osbourne
  • 31Ronan
  • 4Dobson
  • 8Morris
  • 9Cook
  • 16Ferrier


  • 6Devlin
  • 10Ismail
  • 11Ginnelly
  • 13Dunn
  • 15Kinsella
  • 20Johnson
  • 29Gordon


Blinding save by Roberts after 5 mins


Penalty to them

What a ■■■■■■■ cretin Osbourne


Missed it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nearly bost the bar


Just for Pinnacle:

Reading 1 Bristol City 0

Here to help.


Started ■■■■ at the back just like last week



It was coming