Burton in for Flash?

Burton just taking a punt on us being that desperate for cash in the current climate. I expect a lot more of this as clubs become increasingly desperate.

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Liam Keen claiming an ‘Exclusive’ 3 days later. :joy:

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I’d like to think we’d reject most bids at moment for him - he’s going to be an important player to us if we are to achieve anything this season.

As @DanG_WFC states, Burton parted company with Clough, arguably their most successful manager on the basis of financial constraints - I can’t see them having six figures to spend.

Seems like a bit of good publicity for the club to me. Turn down an offer for Josh Gordon, even though it is derisory. When teams start offering 200k with a few add-ons I am sure they will start to think about it. Especially as there is no guarantee the season will even finish, and he is out of contract at the end of the season.


It’s a good job we haven’t got a team of young ronaldo’s at the moment or we could have been decimated :grin:

How about Ronaldo McDonaldo on the wing? :wink:

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Peterborough sold toney to Brentford for 7 million flash is worth half a million I’d say because he won’t be replaced

Only if we can sign Frankie Bunn, Patrick Berger and Dael Fry aswell.

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Took him two days to read UTS and another day to write his exclusive.

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So now the E&S reads the Daily Mail too … https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/walsall-fc/2020/09/22/exclusive-walsall-reject-100k-burton-albion-bid-for-josh-gordon/

£50k up front with £50k add on’s… what a complete utter insult!!


I know i had to laugh at that :joy: it’s like they were offering the world, i thought they had missed a couple of noughts off :joy:

I can’t put what I think on here Chunkster! :rofl:

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Don’t worry the swear filter works :joy: