C Bishop Accrington

`why did he not appear on our “scout report”
Leamington!! We loan players to them and yet we seemed to have missed him. He has been scoring all season.

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Scored against us in pre-season

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Now this is the stuff that is annoying

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Says it all were doomed

We can’t sign every player that comes up in conversation on UTS can we,what makes you think he’s any better than others that are on DC’s January shopping list?

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With all due respect Sid if his January shopping list is anything like his summer business it would be difficult for him not to be better

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Does anyone know that we didnt enquire about him? but he had a better offer from accrington or we just guessing and using it to have a pop at the club


I love posts that start with “with all due respect”…:grinning:. Seriously though Saddlerone,I don’t much trust him either,DC has got this thing where he believes that he can get the best out of any player nomatter how ordinary they are by using his super power (ie his coaching badges), when in fact he’s proved time and again that just plain can’t,he will keep swearing blind that he can as two men in white coats gently coax him out of his office,with a white foam emitting from his mouth,as he hums we are the champions to himself.

Surely he has shown himself to be better than our purchases in his position.
I would have hoped last season when he was scoring goals for Leamington we could have matched or offered more than Accrington did🤓

As I said,we can all say “how about this player” or “how about that player”…but we can’t sign everyone can we?

Problem is we actually don’t identify and sign any talent.

Adebayo and Gordon being our recent efforts.

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Unfortunately very true