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Remember us telling you we had a calendar lined up as part of our range of Christmas range of items

Well here’s a sneak preview of. It, A fantastic calendar packed with pics, stat,s. And. Some fantastic memories of both. Fellows park and bescot

A must. For any saddler, This pic does not do it real justice but we can assure you it will take pride. Of place once proudly hung up in the home, office or mancave etc Actual size of calendar is 12 x12

Our full Christmas range will be revealed. Very soon, and it is a collection of some fantastic wfc related items. , and we have brought back a very. Iconic character from our history. So keep a look out for our Christmas launch

Please say its not Billy Bescot Olly or i’ll never join again… :rofl:


Nothing wrong with billy bescot mate , other than him scaring the kids in the ground to death. Lol

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Presumably , being a christmas calendar , there will be a lot of pics of mark ROBINS,and HOLLY Kearns.


Yule regret starting with the Christmas puns.

I’d vent more but that would not be in the spirit of things.

You’d hope that Brett Angell also features.

There’s one or two turkeys who’ve played for us over the years.

Turkeys? Terry Ramsden…

Scrooge usually makes an appearance around Christmas time

Is it Jeffrey Bubbles Bonser in the buff, Tone ?

With strategically placed baubles??? :face_vomiting:

You lot are crackers

Nut crackers

Will there be any managers that got the sack?

How much does the calendar cost as id like to buy one?
Thank you
[email protected]

When they go on our shop site they will be £12. With a donation going to club from any profits made

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Thank you and £12 sounds reasonable. Do we know when they will be ready to buy? Thanks

All our Christmas stock will be available in around two weeks. Time.

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Thank you.