Cambridge game a fiver

The club have announced all home stands are £5.00 a ticket.
You can’t say they aren’t trying to encourage fans to go.

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Yeah Pomlett said he wanted to do something for this game. Very good idea, on international weekend too. Let’s just hope things are up to scratch and it doesn’t put people off returning. Let’s show that the club can operate with a crowd.

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Not sure even that will convince people to go at this rate but definitely the right idea and a positive move by the club

Some people on social media really do make me laugh.

“Wat.About people who hav Sessin ticket allredy?”

The club cannot win. As a season ticket holder, I couldn’t care less how much they charge on these initiatives games if they get people in.


So its the same deal as Orient did on the last international break.

Are we offering Cambridge fans the chance to purchase tickets for £5 as well, as Orient did for us.

I think its only fair that we do the same.

I believe we have to. I’m sure there’s a rule where you can’t charge away fans more than your lowest or average home ticket price.

Reading it, it looked like home fans only but I’m sure there’s an EFL rule that says the away fans have to have the same deal, which is why we were offered it at Orient?

Looks like we might get 5K at least once this year then

It is £5 for Cambridge fans as well. They have announced on Twitter their fans can claim a refund for the difference if they have already purchased.

I think they could bring 1000 at that price so should make for a good crowd.

We might even creep over 6 thousand as they are improving of late and thumped Exeter 4-0 and also beat Crewe 3-2.

I noticed their home attendance against Grimsby last night was an impressive 4,898, not bad for a Tuesday night.

Well impressive by their usual attendances.

Its very rare we get that many for a Tuesday night home game

Hope it works better for us than it did for Orient. Lots of talk and hype about a sell out but about 4000 short on the day. I’m all for it though.

I was chatting to a couple of their fans and they said they had sold out of tickets but said they knew a couple of guys who had bought tickets but wouldn’t go because it was raining and they’d only paid a fiver so it didn’t matter if they went or not! Said there would be quite a few like that. I saw a tweet from Orient asking for fans who had tickets and weren’t going to pass them on to people who could go. Obviously they didn’t.

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This can only be a good thing, just hope that if there is an increased attendance they have enough staff in the kiosks and behind the bars!

As a season ticket holder I really don’t mind the club doing this kind of thing, great stuff!

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Brilliant by the club, now let’s not bugger it up.

Hire agency bar staff, make sure beer isn’t flat and ensure everyone has a decent day.


This is a great idea to get more fans attending , them giving us £5 to go , I know we are playing really bad so a good idea …:rofl::wink:

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My beer on Saturday at half time was horrendous. Looked like they pre poured the lot after about 5 minutes. Just pour them a bit then top them up.

Credit where it’s due though, they swapped it no questions asked.

The way I feel at the moment they would have to give me a fiver to go.

Great idea, now we can play ■■■■ in front of even more people :joy:

It’s not enough :fearful: