Can anybody please help?!

Can anybody please help? I am desperately trying to get my hands on the following two programmes.

2017/18 - Sat 2 Sep Walsall v Plymouth Argyle

2018/19 - Sat 4 Aug Walsall v Plymouth Argyle

These are the final two programmes I need from the last 20 years of collecting programmes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated either as a reply on this thread, via a private message or via email, my email is [email protected].

Thank you in advance for reading my request for help and hopefully one of you will be able to help me.

Kind regards,
Jordan Best

Very much doubt I have these but will have a look in my box in the loft. Don’t lump on me finding them.

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Is there still a programme shop in the away end or has that gone now? Might be worth emailing the club and asking them?


How do u know. I thought you were exiled lol

There was a big fuss about it. Club needed the space didn’t offer an alternative, and that was that.

Can’t see there being a big fuss about you being exiled :wink:


Well it looked like it was open on Saturday …


Do they sell drawstring bags?

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It’s the travel section now, not a programme shop.

Yes, but thought they shared the space? Travel section on the counter at the back, programmes along the side. Or they did last time I walked past.

I stand corrected.

I think it’s the memorabilia that was in the old travel section that was transfered across when they moved rooms from the supporters club.

Any chance of getting this made an old-fashioned “sticky”? :wink: :joy:

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They might have that too, but I’ve bought a match day programme from in there with old programmes for sale on display behind the side counter, while a couple of people were taking coach bookings at the other one.

It might be a scaled down operation from what it used it to be (I know Andy Poole’s mom Lynne is no longer involved), but I think it is still going.

I’ll take a stroll round past there on my way to the ticket office on Saturday to see if they are still in business.

Rich coming from you that is, we would need a whole thread for things you’ve been incorrect about.

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Back copies of this season’s homes available from club shop. As far as I know no old programmes from other seasons available from the Travel Section office.

We already have, it’s called the COVID thread. :sweat_smile:


Austria…Parts of Germany…Czech Republic…Italy…

Vaccine passports just about everywhere apart from England (for now)…

All just crazy conspiracy, just like the mahoooosive world wide wealth grab that you just slightly noticed (but then shoved your head back under the duvet with some comment about “Tories”). :crazy_face:

Bet you wish you hadn’t bothered :joy: