Can anybody please help?!

Apparently to go to Newport county you have to have a COVID pass , Funny how over the years Wales and Scotland have always been testing grounds for stupid rule’s and regulations. How can we live in a land where you need to show a COVID pass at Wrexham for example but watch Hereford without one :joy: it’s all for our health as well apparently.

@JordBest20 Try this bloke. Paul Hill on 07794 394778 who is based at Lichfield he has loads of Walsall progs for sale he may have them or may suggest someone to you.

If you are on Facebook look for Paul Hill Football & Sporting Memorabilia in the search engine.


Think this belongs in the Covid thread…. the one you resigned from. Just start posting back in there instead of dumping irrelevant stuff in other threads.


I have both of these programmes. PM me if you want them.

The 2017/ 18 one is in very good condition.
The 2018,/19 one has some damage to some pages due to getting stuck together at the top edge. The cover is in good condition.


He’s gone all in with how much these mean to his collection 2 grand per programme me thinks :thinking::wink:

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Yep, and as you were the one that brought the covid thread up on this thread, take ownership of the fact rather than blaming others for legitimately responding to your “ta bum tish” cheap pap.

Regards the covid thread, more than happy to start posting again the minute the unsolicited editing and biased deletions that masquerades as “moderation” ceases, more than happy.

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Pages stuck together :thinking:

I’ve never been on the Covid thread, is it worth a read?

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To be fair it can be easily summed up within any of the recent page. Then rinse and repeat the whole thing.


It is when its about Covid and not point scoring.

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Soooo … they were co-located for a time after the Travel Section had to move out of the Saddlers Club after that went belly up. The space is still used for match day programmes (storing the boxes of programmes and mobile stands, and where the sellers all come back to), but the old programme business no longer uses it.

No sign of my £2k yet, despite PM"ing Jord. If anyone knows him could you give him a prod to see if he is still interested. Ta.