Can this group be made public?


I am absolutely sick and tired of being regarded as a ‘well run little club’ by everybody that is not a Walsall supporter, including pundits. The reason for that is discussions like this are not seen or never gain enough traction to make a difference.

I am little suspicious of the motives of moving all of these into their own private category as all that usually achieves is to kill off any momentum!


This category should definitely be made public, surprised it isn’t,


The title is also gibberish - meaning anyone other than a Walsall fan won’t bother reading.

Something aint right lol


Of lately which particular discussions are you talking about?


Good point, should definitely be renamed.


Happy to make the thread open. If you have any better ideas regarding the title, be my guest…


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Wasn’t Harry secombe one of those :rofl:


@funk_hits_the_fan - The whole point of this category is to encourage UTS users (people with a log in) to share their views. All we’ve done is created a designated place for that as we’ve seen a rise in posts related to club issues. It’s not been suggested that this is a ‘movement’ or requires traction, it’s just an opportunity to share ideas and submit questions to the Trust. No ‘motives’.

Understand your points, but it’s easier to criticise than contribute isn’t it?


Wombley. Bonsor. Chiips.


The main thread wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my original contribution.

So, your point is?

Tbf, not sure about the name :wink:


It’s hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instead?

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That’s true, your original thread created really good traction and on the back of that we’ve set up a more formal part of the website for discussing club issues.

Now you’re suggesting there are ‘motives’ in us having done that - what’s your point?


A more formal part of the website that can only be seen by Walsall fans who are members? A private area, further down the website - similar to Sound_Outs little area that eventually saw him disappear?!

I find that odd, that is all. Surely we want more exposure for these issues, not less?


To be fair, I can’t many non-Walsall fans eagerly making a beeline to discover the daily updates on the what’s wrong at the club forum. It’s always going to be something of a niche audience.

Perhaps a roundup of the main points could be forwarded to Dan Mole at the club at the end of the month.


The Trust asks fans on a monthly basis to submit questions - I don’t know how many they receive, but I’d imagine most come from individuals and perhaps some from any of the various movements/pages that predominantly use Facebook (all of which you have to request membership to in order to contribute).

On the back of your excellent thread and others we’ve created a new category open to each of our 1,000 or so members so that the site can contribute questions. There is no private element of this category, anybody who uses UTS can create a thread in this category and post, just as they can on any other public category.

I agree that having this category open could encourage non-members to join the site and contribute and I’ll do so - I just cannot understand the suggestion that there is some shady undertone to what we’ve set up here.

As for the name, it’s easily changed.


I’ve just left Walsall fans have your say for the 4th or 5th time, so this is my only outlet :joy:

Sounds like a simple oversight, I wasn’t suggesting a major conspiracy - I just found it weird for the reasons I have already mentioned.


I regularly forward the concerns of UTSers to the major international news agencies.

Although I’ve had mild interest on a number of topics from various agencies (CNN were close to running with the lack of balti pies before half time story) I’m yet to have a bite.

The project continues…


I do get what you mean, just hope we can build something decent on here and ask some proper questions of the club.


I have to agree here, its not too often I log in, but I do browse the site several times a day to see what is being said, the only reason I found this thread is because of the emails I receive. On the club itself, I deeply resent the mess jb has created. The cyprus/helicopter thing was rediculous, what he does with his money is his buisness, however the pension thing is killing us. He may well have not realised the long term implications but he is an astute buisness man so I doubt that. Most of all I resent the fact that none of my friends and relatives who were massive Walsall fans (and the club was a huge part of their lives) go to matches any more because of the regime.