Can this group be made public?


Can someone ask at the next meeting then please if as Mr Bonser say’s …the club is up for sale… is that the whole club lock stock and barrel ? because if it is as he say’s it is ’ such a well run club ’ why is no one jumping at the chance to own it :thinking:


Doug Ellis wanted to buy it for his son a few years ago . But bonser would only sell part of the club and keep some back .so I heard from a reliable source


I heard the same, and that there have been several other offers but they have been put off by bonzo’s silly demands :smirk:


yes i put that on …" Marketing & match ticketing" about 132 comment


it was me


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it was me
[/quote] ye i remember now :wink:


Marketing & match ticketing about 132 comment :thinking:


Get bonser to clarify at next meeting if indeed offers have been made for the club and if so why does he not sell . We as supporters are always left in the dark .why would he sell tho will take the club to his grave sadly


Changed that for you. Unfortunately.


I think both comments are believable :grinning: