Candlin returns

He might even get a game, depending on the severity of the injuries to Morgan Ferrier and Andy Cook. I know Cook “played on” against Scunthorpe but his shoulder was troubling him.


Couldn’t have timed it better. Cook never looked right after his knock on Saturday and Ferrier’s place was there for the taking anyway.


I don’t know how to react to that? How has he performed at rovers? Has he had any first team games? How has he played? Has he scored any goals?

No first team games for them, when you look at their development squad they have a stupidly large squad for the amount of players that can get a game as opposed to us who don’t have enough players to put a reserve team together!

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Thinking about it, it’s not really a signing is it? He is just coming back off loan, so presumably we have got to pay him out of the budget as rovers would have been picking up the tab while there?

What’s Candlin like as a centre-back?!!


Not good enough for me

Not many are at 17

Not many from our academy anyway. Is our youth system worth the money we spend on it? When did we last see any decent players coming through? Rico is the only one I can remember. The rest, such as Kouyhar, Sangha, etc are no better than League 2 standard at best. Is it time for a new way of doing things?

I don’t know honestly, but either way Candlin got his chance way to young to be written off. 17 really is no age at any level of professional football.

Why? He’s a kid.

Should go out on loan til the end of season to a good conference team who are challenging to get in the football league

Solihull Moors?

I would say all that footy academies are something for the rich clubs, who don’t bother, when millions go down the drain. No complicated system, simple team B with players who live locally, but their contracts were terminated elsewhere and they heard ‘you are not good enough’.

Agree. He needs a proper loan badly. He suffered by being stuck on the bench under Whitney and never getting a look in when he could have been getting valuable experience and it seems now as though Dylan Parker is prefered by Keates.

Absolutely it is? Allows more smoke and mirrors as to why the first team budget never sees the proceeds from transfers.


Agree if it meant we would have a bigger budget and bigger first team squad of better quality I would scrap the youth team. Wonder how much it costs per year to have a youth setup? Anybody?

EFL regulations prohibit clubs from signing players under the age of 17 unless they have an academy. If they have an academy there are strict rules about it’s set up and staff required etc so its difficult not to have a youth setup.

In 2005 there was agreement with Wyrley Juniors signed (link), it was still active in 2015 (link), but now it seems the agreement is not active, much. WFC has an academy, but I see only under 18s team (and development squad, but that’s something else). Many things has changed, since Dean Smith went to other club. Back to Candlin, he is 18, important age, cause he can decide if he wants to play footy professionally, or not. There is still time to start his career, but where, that’s another question.