I saw reports last night that there was gypsy caravans on the car park, is this still so, if so last nights winnings will have to go on getting rid of them as not being on council ground they wouldn’t come on the council list for getting rid within 24hrs off the land, and if so that’s a January signings wages, that could impact on whether we get out this league. If they’ve departed then this thread is pointless and I apologise, but it’s just the impact they could have on our club that’s the point.

A can of petrol and a lighter costs a tenner.


We had them three weeks ago on one of the school sites I work at. 10 days and £12,000 later they were gone.

Perhaps its Jeff and the family moving back in times are hard if he loses the rent money LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Or perhaps they have come for the sunday market just early it does get busy !

If Jeff was still here he’d be charging them daily rent for pitching up, whilst going through the court to get them removed.

Those loveable gypsy types with their friendly manner, insistence on not disturbing the communities they stay in and always grateful enough to clean up after themselves.


I was listening to a radio interview not so long ago with the spokesman from the national association of travellers (or something like that),saying what a proud bunch of people travellers were,I agree,they’re obviously too proud to clear up their own excrement and rubbish after them.They should throw them off any site they trespass on,but keep their £30,000 + caravans and their expensive 4 wheel drive cars,provide them with a pair of overalls,a brush and shovel and make them clear every bit of rubbish up and make the pay to take it to the tip like the rest of us do,then they can have their car and caravan back.


I’m sure a couple of hundred ■■■■■■ off fans could get them to move come match day …:thinking:


Pisses me off when they project themselves as persecuted victims, trying to live a quiet life, whilst the world unjustly tags them as the filthy, thieving, conniving, disrespectful, degenerate inbreds that they mostly are.

Dealt with many of them over the years, never found a good one.


There is also the 24hr extra security the club will have to fork out for. Because no doubt they will be mooching round the stadium come nightfall for a quick earner.


I didn’t see them there at last nights game

We had about 6 caravans on Holland Park in brownhills about 2 months ago and all they left behind were about 20 large full black plastic bags? i wonder if there is a major difference between gypsies and travellers?

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Yes , the one is a ■■■■■■■ horrible thieving bastard , and the other is a ■■■■■■■ thieving bastard , but both are a ■■■■■■■ nuisance


If they are on private land, can they not just be done for trespassing and the Police should move them on or be prosecuted/ impounded?

Or is that me thinking too simplistically or missing something?!

Got to either give them 24hrs notice, or get a writ of possession from the High Court - can’t just kick them off straight away.

Just get the “car park maintenance team” working nighshift ahead of Saturday’s game. They would obviously need some floodlights set up to make sure they were doing it right as they hammer away with pneumatic jiggers to smooth the bumps in the tarmac.


Give them tickets for Shrewsbury and they’ll be off home.


Just trying to get the writ of possession from the High Court can take a week in some cases, then you have to give them anything between 24-48 hours to leave.

By the sounds of it they entered through an open gate (the same as what happened with one of my schools recently). However in this case they entered during the clubs working hours so technically they’d have done nothing wrong cause they’d argue they were buying from the ticket office, club shop or even coming to view the venue. Only once the working hours are over it becomes a trespassing offence. With there being a game on the working hours were longer, so the actual offence would occur at 10-11pm and they know the chances of them being kicked off at 10-11pm are slim to none.

They came on to one of our schools on a Saturday evening, we couldn’t start processing any court orders till Monday and eventually we got the order on the Friday, they were given 48 hours notice because of the weekend and were then removed by bailiffs and police on Monday. Then we had a two day clean up in order to be able to use the playing fields again.

In total £12,000 of court and cleaning costs. The ■■■■■■■ play dumb in general but as soon as any legal issues are brought up they know every loophole available.


Just another typical society scenario, do what you want, whenever you want, the laws an ass

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Conclusive evidence that these are the very gypos who have cursed my prediction challenge.

Lucky heather my arse. :wilted_flower: