Carlisle Game

Just had a surprise, did’nt realise the game was on Sunday.



Think everybody is getting the days muddled up. I cannot make the next 2 games. Because of public transport. Going to Salford though.

What’s happening with the market!!!

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When’s bin day?


Never mind the bins, new years day get the tree and all these lights down !

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Just reminded me, before the Oxford game I was walking into the stadium and had the following entertaining conversation with some confused looking chap.

‘Mate can you tell me where the market is please ?’
'You mean the Bescot Sunday market ! ’
‘Yep, thats the one’
'Its Saturday … ’
‘Well why are all these people here then ???’

Whilst highly amusing for me, it is pretty sad that a lot of people dont even realise there is a football club on the same site as the ‘market’


That was easy. I just copied the neighbours.

It will all be set up for 5.00 pm to get the passing trade when the unsuspecting fans pour out after the game :laughing:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: classic and also tragic that he thought it was a LOT of people