Cash Flow

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity

Never again will our clubs cash flow be in such a dire situation

If we want to have our say and force change now is the time

Forget letters. Tooting your car horns.

Let’s hit the club in the pocket now

Even a short blast of
Boycotting I follow
Not buying online
Abstaining from season tickets
Negative press via volatile social media impacting sponsors
Unfollowing en masse their social media

This sort of thing might not have been effective a year or two ago

Do this now and we’ll get change

Let’s impact the clubs cash flow - get what we want then go back to normal

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No chance. I want the club to succeed, not help drive it into administration.


We all keep doing the same things we’ll keep getting the same outcome.


Exactly tinned

Another idea

How about a campaign to not take out policies with Homeserve … or support the clubs other partners

It could lead to administration and a points deduction but … if the club acted And backed the football side of the clubwe wouldn’t take this Action

I’m voting with my wallet until the club is sorted

Each to their own and all that

What outcome are you looking for Tinned? Will starving the club of cash help achieve what you are looking to achieve?

Certainly won’t for me.


What would make a business change it’s stance more than Even more reduced cash flow ?

Throwing the baby out with the bath water comes to mind.


Agreed …I think some people just want to pile agony onto agony!!!


Christ the club have been doing that for decades.

:joy::joy: possibly the daftest thing I’ve seen for a while. I’m pretty sure HomeServe aren’t going to lose their ■■■■ over a few hundred Walsall fans not taking out Plumbing and Drainage cover


I respect any fan that doesn’t agree.

However, for too long they’ve played lip service to fans concerns. They’ve always known we’ll moan and protest but in the end we’ll always loyally shell out. That’s why there’s never any real change.

For once we need to realise our real power. The first sign of real action by fans will get the club making changes.


Mmmmm might have something there, after all we sited on a sewage waste plot, perhaps that’s why we’ve become so ■■■■

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I’ve set the ball rolling by withdrawing my application to the University of Wolverhampton.


You’ll have to stop drinking Banks’s beer too.

Perhaps you could have tea and biscuits.

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In that case, I’m in :joy:


I am a supporter and I will continue my support.The Club needs it more at the moment than at anytime in the last 30 years. The whole basis of us being able to compete on our gates is through the commercial and hospitality revenues we get .They have gone for the time being.The package we received from the Premier League only covered losses on gates not other income so we were hit harder than most! That is probably the reason for our cost cutting.
Last nights performance was as bad as I can remember and either BD needs to be replaced or at least helped in his task. The team selection, formation and tactics were all wrong and I fear for our future if this goes on much longer so LP needs to take action however he will not be helped by people withdrawing their support. That can only lead to even poorer outcomes.


Rob your part of the cups of tea with Leigh brigade you guys have your ways of trying to influence change … how’s that going. I’ll keep reading the minutes with interest and hoping it works out :+1:

But please be respectful of ideas that might come at this from a different angle. Not supporting the sponsors how ever it may be - and making it known it’s part of us registering our Dissatisfaction with the club would have an impact.

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Ok let’s boycott HomeServe because that has a direct correlation to sacking our manager :exploding_head:

Let’s stop kids going to the University of Wolverhampton because that will have a direct correlation to sacking our manager :exploding_head:

Fans want the manager out - what about the bigger picture too? Have you made suggestions or just told them you won’t be spending money or you want BD out?

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Brian Duttons appointment and our position is a symptom of what’s wrong with the Club

You can try and ridicule the stance of Boycotting sponsors but publicly saying you’ll try not to support these companies who hand cash over to a poorly managed Football Club is not ridiculous. Take your money elsewhere if that’s what you choose to do - it’s what I’m going to do.

You choose tea and biscuits with the Club (and in my opinion get fobbed off). I’ll take action with the money in my pocket. If more did the same we’d see change.

It’s a view. Don’t belittle it. Stay civil and respect the view of other fans


In a futile bid to attempt to stem the club’s impact on my own cashflow this season, I’ve just staked £25 a point on Cheltenham/Walsall season points differential - buying at 26.
That is guaranteed to galvanise a sudden surge in form.
Thank me at the end of the season.