Cashless club

No, I’m not talking about all our money from Rico etc going to Bonser, I’m on about not accepting cash inside the ground.

It’s just not working is it?! I’ve only been to 3 or 4 games this season due to work, but each time, I’ve been to the kiosk in the ground to get a drink, and each time the card machine wasn’t working.

Today my boy was freezing, just wanted to get a hot chocolate. The bloke in front tried his card 2 or 3 times and it didn’t work. Only answer he got about it was ‘sorry, I’ll have to call a manager’. I ended up walking away, without his drink. Had to wait til half time for his chocolate.

Why don’t the club have something in place for when something like this happens? They’re just losing money, week after week.

The club wonders why we cant attract younger supporters, when the ones we already have can’t even get a hot drink on a freezing cold day.

It’s fine though, because I bet all those in corporate were well looked after, get hot drinks served to them as soon as they asked.

It’s poor and it needs sorting


Reliably informed the club was taking cash only at an event last week…


Got to say it’s never not worked for me, but I don’t really get it. Why limit what you take as income

Gamble explained his reasoning at the fans forum; cash will be gone within ten years and its a vector for viruses. I thought he was talking shite too.


The way it’s going the club will be gone in 10 years too!


:joy: Jesus Christ.

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Blimey, didn’t realise he had Governor of the Bank of England as a job title as well :smiley:

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A lot of places are going cashless…… but they don’t have endless problems which aren’t being fixed or processes put in place to deal with machines going down.

Maybe cash would be ok if we sang happy birthday for 30 seconds

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Also don’t the concessions and programme sellers still take cash? All a bit half arsed.

And you can pay in cash at the club shop and buy a gift card to spend at the kiosks?


My local pub restaurant in four oaks had been routinely effed by their cashless infrastructure collapsing. They’re competent business people unlike the clowns at bezzla

This is Walsall. We might as well change our nickname to the half arsed. :joy:

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Also, another gripe is the ticket office. I bought a ticket at the window today. Paid for it on card. BUT i had to put my card through the window, for the girl to swipe it, then pass the card back through the window.

So my card can be handled by them, but not my cash? :man_shrugging:


I just wish we could have some investment from people who know how to run a club properly and know how to make the fans happy, this lot just turn up to the bescot each day in their fancy cars and walk around with a look of look at me aren’t I amazing I’m on the board of a football club.We need fresh faces and fresh ideas this bunch of clowns are holding the heads of Walsall fans under the water and slowly drowning them and their club until it’s dead and gone.


Absolutely spot on mate!

Cashless in ten years…… let’s stop taking in now then.

Makes sense. :grimacing:

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Would that be the Four Oaks?

Do you think in 10 years they can learn how to cook a sausage roll?

We went to a function in the stadium suite last week, and the guy that organised it rang all the guests to say that if you couldn’t pay with a card, you wouldn’t be able to get food or drink.
So all the guests on my table bought their cards, no cash.
First time up the bar and they were taking cash? i tried to pay with my card and they had to change the machine twice to be able to accept my payment, even chasing me back to my chair on a couple of occasions because the payment hadn’t gone through.