Cause for Optimism


I have just seen that Ajax are through to the Champions League semi-final. We stuffed that lot 2-0 just before the season started. How can we be beat one of the top four teams in Europe but be 23rd in the third tier of English football?
It is clear what we need to do now, we just need to harness the team-spirit we had for the Ajax match and take it in to the Southend game. If we do, we will be guaranteed victory!

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Arrange these words into a well known phrase.

At Straws Clutching.


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In all my years of supporting the saddlers, i have never felt so much animosity towards players and fans alike, bonzo and his minions have created this, firstly with HIS penny pinching and secondly with THEIR complacency, we need a complete clear out from top to bottom, and then we can get down to being a FOOTBALL club again, instead of a one man cash cow :pensive:



Straws are about all we have currently.



This animosity has to stop. It is has gone way over the top simply because we are going to be relegated. It isn’t as simple the players are crap lets pile in on them. The reasons are many and varied and if I had the inclination I would write a blog on it but some have already done that to great effect.

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I fully expected the post to be…

“Well it can’t get much worse can it?”

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Yes, the reasons are many and complex.
However, Chunkster has captured two of them quite succinctly.

  1. The Chairman’s attitude towards the fans is diabolocal.
  2. This has filtered all the way down to his playing staff.


The animosity (as you put it) isn’t because we are likely to be relegated - that’s simply another dose of frustration…

The animosity has been building for many many years and some on here (me included) have been signalling where we felt the club would end up if the dispicable and self-centred financial ownership position continued… And guess what, we’re now seeing that manifest itself through the players and the staff and we are (as many have said) now a rotting corpse of a football club that’s set up as an income stream for one mans family…

Sticking to the title of this post - Cause for Optimism… I really don’t feel there’s anything good about WFC these days and frankly, whilst I genuinely hope I’m wrong, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if successive relegations didn’t follow…



Not sure about your first point…if we were mid table where we should be with the players we have then most of this would not be happening. I agree that there are some really big issues facing the Club which need sorting but I don’t think many of us on here can do much about them. Some are trying and I support their efforts but what we really need is for someone or a group of people to buy the whole thing.



You see the thing is this. We could stay up. But then what?

Give MOC the job full time, ‘he kept us up you know.’
Allow him to overhaul the playing staff, but ensure we sell two and release 18 first on 1 June.
Leave it till 1 August to assemble a ragbag selection of players because we gave everyone else away.
Give him no money and further undermine him in January, supplement with pointless loans.
Flirt with relegation - again - dramatic rescue effort.
Repeat until dead / relegated / liquidation.

What was the thread title, again?



AFKALS - you forgot the statement about our aspirations to be in the Championship! :thinking::thinking:



Sorry, yes that was the optimism bit wasn’t it?



Or that we are a " well run " club



Spot on - and that is the whole point. Optimism for what exactly? The default mode of WFC is to provide a pension fund income for one person. Everything else is incidental and down to luck rather than any vision, strategy, ambition or long-term planning.



Do you know what would be really helpful at this point?
A Venn Diagram / Flowchart / Other illustrating the relationship between the following:

Walsall Football Club
Walsall Football Supporters Club (‘a great expense’)
Birmingham City Football Club
Walsall MBC
West Midlands County Council *
Glen Corporate Finance *
Denglen *
Davenmanor *
Newheld Investments
Hill Samuel
Suffolk Life
JW Bonser (Walsall) SSAS
GMI Construction
Severn Trent Water

Perhaps a few individuals might be able assist, by connectiing some of these entitiies:

J Bonser
KR Whalley
B Blower *
T Ramsden
M Miller
P Gilman
K Wheldon *

Do let me know if I’ve missed anyone or any comapny, won’t you.

  • = deceased / believed ceased trading
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HMRC - just in case! :thinking:






There is a remarkable symmetry about what is happening now isn’t there?
When the site was acquired in 1990, it was full of consolidated 30yo ■■■■ that needed disposal…



Rarely has such an investment reaped so much reward…



Sounded a bit " churchillian " there Coop

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